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 Uzakura's ''Wanderer'' Icon for the Legacy Remake

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PostSubject: Uzakura's ''Wanderer'' Icon for the Legacy Remake   Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:10 am

I have had quite a lot of time on my hands, and recently, I found out about FFL's situation with Square Enix. As little as I actually contributed to the community (excluding my Weegee icon, any particular personal iconning request I took, and the steps I took to advance Ninja-kind), I hope that this spritesheet/character will help out somehow.

I refer to this character as the Wanderer. It's built primarily to replace the original Ninja icon (Edge), but if it could be better put to use as something else, that'd be fine with me. I'm not particularly happy with my battle states (especially my status states...), but I'm willing to receive any constructive criticism you may have to offer to improve it.

Late into the development of the Wanderer, I realized it's entirely possible the FF6-ish way the body structure of my original design would not fit with others' contributions, so I went back and redesigned a second version to look more...well...FF4. Either way, I hold two separate .dmi files (representing both versions) holding more animations and status states, available upon request.

To reach me, try emailing me on Yahoo! or contacting me on Chattie, whenever I'm on. I suppose a PM would be fine, too, as long as I remember to check.

I hope you guys find this helpful.-ish.
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Uzakura's ''Wanderer'' Icon for the Legacy Remake
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