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 First time using a sprite sheet

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First time using a sprite sheet Empty
PostSubject: First time using a sprite sheet   First time using a sprite sheet I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 15, 2011 10:15 am

So yeah, my original ideas weren't going well, and when I heard that Phoebe from MQ was going to be the female hero, well, it just got me wanting to do this. So I have now dabbled in sprite sheets. And it's not as bad as it looks. They're all on a bakckground which had me iffy on the concept, but you can flood the background with the "no color" thing anyways....

Subject: Kaeli (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Map Sprites: From Original game (slightly touched up, looked blurry with grey edges)

Battle Sprites: I'm hoping to recolor the dancer class, actually.... (Until then, I'm being lazy and using map sprites. MQ had enough variety...)

Screenshot:First time using a sprite sheet Kaeli1

A special thank you to Vhanlir for point out the legality issues (I didn't realize MS Paint had an autoresize and human error in the stretching created some 2x3 panels I didn't see) and helping me sort them out, as well as everyone who pointed out that it was blurry, prompting me to redo the outlines! Also, a big thanks to Fox for guiding me to Spriters' Resource, the site I borrowed the sheet from!

I'm probably going to do Reuben next. because it's frigging Reuben.

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First time using a sprite sheet
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