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 Koto Doto Roto Loto-.. What?

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Dew Drop

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PostSubject: Koto Doto Roto Loto-.. What?   Mon Oct 12, 2009 5:58 pm

Hey there, I'm Koto. =]
Or as you'll see me on FFL, ZombieKoto.
(Don't worry, I'm not really a Zombie..Duh?)

So I suppose I've got to whip out a spiel for you.
Here 'goes.

I would say that if you took a giant blender and threw the world into it, then emptied everything out, I'd be the air residing in that mix cup.

I'm a nineteen year-old man that wakes up every day at 6:00am to head off to work at a fast-rising factory in Michigan. That's right. Two surprises in that statement. 1. I am a male. 2. I'm a machinist.

I'm completely -obsessed- with all forms of fashion and clothing.
"He's -screaming- metro so much right now."
(Shush, you. It happens.)
You could easily compare me to a chameleon. On a day to day basis, I change my appearance. Hair alone leaves me in deep contemplation for at least two hours. But when it comes down to it.. Everything -has- to be original in some way. Hence why I have my clothing custom-made and imported from Japan. I'm comfortable enough with myself to cross-dress, but I don't do it as often anymore. Not enough time, sadly. I most likely don't go as far as you think, but I'll catch a wink from the wrong person every time still. xD! (I'm 100% straight.)

Ahh, Japan! There's something I can't leave out.
I am entirely in love with Japanese fashion and culture.
Cosplay once and a while? More like open my dressers and watch all of your favorite anime characters pop out. (Haha.)
Dressy Japanese clothing excites me. (Laugh)
It's just the cut of it. Even suit jackets are soo nice.

I'm a pretty easy-going guy, really. =]
Attending college to become a Substance Abuse Councilor.
Too many piercings in my life to bother counting, hah.
But I've settled on keeping five of them.
Three in my right ear, one upper lip and one stomach piercing.
(Makes the abs look good ;P)

Hmm.. Let's see.. I'm a MUDder for sure.
Been MUDding since I was eight years old.
Built for a while, then did some coding down the road.
When I get the chance and have time to kill, I still enjoy building random programs.

I've dated three times.
Yes, only three.
Once for love,
Once for friendship,
Once because I wanted to see what dating a ***** felt like.
(Totally serious.)

Relationships aren't much for me.
I used to get around quite a bit, but now I'd like to settle down as the years pass.

-Literate Fanatic.-

I come off as very feminine with my makeup and whatnot, then I head off to work to lift 55lb/foot of black steel I-beam. =P
Which the base makeup usually consists of some foundation baser with a tiny bit of concealer, some light mascara to even out the 'lashes and that's about it for workdays.

I like my sports.
Playing, not watching.
'Cept for professional indoor arena football, love to watch that stuff.
Seven months of league boxing, three years of training.
Wouldn't have stopped if I could have helped it, but things happen.
I like being kept on-schedule. The fitness and just being active makes me feel great.
I love food.
You will see me eat -all- day at -all- times.
And being from Mississippi, (Don't worry, didn't stick around for the accent, ahah)
I love seafood.

Well that's about all I'm going to bother you with.
And for reading?
Thanks. =]
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Koto Doto Roto Loto-.. What?
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