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 Game updates

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PostSubject: Game updates   Wed Jul 30, 2008 6:24 pm

List of changes:

January 4, 2007

  • Changed cussing policy a bit: cussing is allowed in fsay, but is censored in the other channels.
The 'fsay' (free say) channel is disabled by default; to enable it, click chat toggle, under the 'Social' tab, and choose to toggle 'fsay'.
Chatter in fsay channel may cause you to feel offended, so enable at own risk!

June 21, 2008

  • Improved: Smoothened the animation of damage numbers. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Equipment sold in Kaipo (third town) is slightly cheaper now; nobody ever had enough GP to buy even half of their Kaipo equipment. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Mombomb was placed to far in front, overlapping the 3 smaller bombs. (Nielz)

June 23, 2008

  • Fixed: the music overlapping bug, YAY! (Nielz)
  • Fixed: all doors in Babil tower. (Abba)
  • Changed: Eblan Cave now has a level requirement to enter (Nielz)
  • Changed: it is now impossible to go into the water in any town. (Abba)

June 28, 2008

  • Improved: All music is now in stereo. Some tunes are completely new versions. (Nielz)
  • Added: If you have an airship, the crater at Agart will now take you to underworld in a quick way. (Nielz)
  • Added: Tomra village and the Smith's house are in! (Abba)
  • Changes to: Tower of Babil. (Abba)
  • Changed: Airship now also works for upper world mountains (Nielz)

July 1, 2008

  • Added: Ultimate weapon bosses "Nielz" and "Abba" (Abba)
  • Added: Sounds effects have been added to the menus (Nielz)
  • Added: Dragoons are now invulnerable while charging 'Jump' (Nielz)
  • Changed: From now on, special classes can only be unlocked with a quest. (Nielz)
  • Changes to: abilities and stat gains of some special classes (Nielz)

July 4, 2008

  • Fixed: tents and cabins were usable in battle (Nielz)
  • Changed: the curve for exp growth (Nielz)

July 6, 2008

  • Fixed: MP continued to drop into the negatives after 0, giving infinite magic (Nielz)
  • Added: 'troll' system: people added as troll will be unable to use wsay, say, wemote, emote, whisper, send file and post suggestion. They will still be able to talk with psay and fsay, as well as answer to incoming whispers (Nielz)
  • Finished ALL of Underworld (Tomra, The smith, Airship quest, Sylvan cave, Sealed cave, as well as a brand new town called Abonia, functioning as a bridge connecting two continents), and a lot of bosses have been added to Underworld, too (Abba)

July 7, 2008

  • Fixed: Archimus and Zemus battle (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Monster icons for Areneid, Balnob, Calbrena, Leviathan, Lilith, Zemus (Halkel)
  • Fixed: Several warping bugs in Underworld (Abba)

July 11, 2008

  • Changed: Level requirement for Eblan cave is now 45 in stead of 50 (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Broken teleporter in Cave of Summons (Abba)
  • Fixed: A few glitches with music changing (Abba)
  • Fixed: Monster placements for battles in Sylvan cave, Sealed cave and Cave of summon monsters (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Monster icon for Balnob X (Halkel)
  • Fixed: Monster icon appearances for Marid, Calbrena, Balnob, Balnob X and Rubicant (Nielz)
  • Added: a new ability for the Engineer class: "Bomb" (Abba)
  • Removed: Dragoon's bugged jump charge invincibility again (Nielz)

July 14, 2008

  • Changed: The classes quest now allows players to unlock two special classes in stead of just one. Players who have already done the quest will need whisper me a request to receive the item needed to unlock the second class, and make sure that the key item "Special" is stored at a fat chocobo. (Nielz)
  • Added: shadow to the main FFL font! It really does make it look a lot better, don't you think? ;D (Nielz)

July 15, 2008

  • Enhanced the style of the menus (Nielz)

July 16, 2008

  • Added: a command to toggle music (Naokohiro)
  • Fixed: the auto-save (Naokohiro)

July 18, 2008

  • Fixed: Lugae boss doesn't kill itself anymore (Naokohiro)
  • Fixed: Drain and Cure now actually heal the monster (Naokohiro)
  • Fixed: "start battle" sound (Naokohiro)
  • Fixed: Menu lag (Naokohiro)
  • Changed: Current MP and HP increase with Max MP and HP on level-up (Naokohiro)
  • Changed: Protective white magic (e.g. Protect, Shell, ...) can now be used on entire party (Nielz)
  • Animation for damage numbers optimized (Naokohiro)
  • Added: open and close menu message to party (Naokohiro)

July 19, 2008

  • Fixed: No more lag for black chocobo and hovercraft! (Naokohiro)
  • Added: A few macros to the 0 and "." keys on the number pad: fsay and psay (Naokohiro)

July 21, 2008

  • Added: Lunar Surface, Abba has only released the moon surface and removed access to arch for now because he likes you, But - hopefully - he can get the rest done in the next week. (Abba)

July 22, 2008

  • The Moon has been completely finished and everything there is accessible. If you find any bugs there, report to Abba or Nielz (Abba)

July 25, 2008

  • Fixed: Red player names on logout (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Zeromus Final icon (Halkel)
  • Fixed: The landing message of Big Whale wouldn't go away (Nielz)
  • Fixed: The room behind Archimus was impossible to exit because of the exit being "Toroia clan members only" (Nielz)
  • Changed: Archimus' "Nuke" now sets the party's HP to 1, in stead of doing 6666 damage every time (Nielz)

July 28, 2008

  • Fixed: The glitched door in Baron... (Nielz)
  • Added: 'femote'. Like 'fsay', but for emoting! (Nielz)

July 30, 2008

  • Fixed: Another door glitch in Baron (Nielz)
  • Fixed: A typo! (Nielz)
  • Added: A 'Send file' verb (Nielz)

July 31, 2008

  • Added: A toggle for "Send file". You can now block or unblock incoming file transfers (Nielz)
  • Fixed: death warp (Nielz)
  • Corrected: typo (Golbeze --> Golbez) (Nielz)

August 5, 2008

  • Added: a spells list (Thanks to Always)

August 11, 2008

  • Fixed: The main cause of crashes (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Some faulty tiles in Big Whale (behind the exits) (Nielz)
  • Added: A 'Game Options' menu in the menu bar (Nielz)
  • Added: Chat buttons under the chat window (Nielz)
  • Added: Item 'Elixir', which fully heals both MP and HP (Nielz)
  • Changed: Healing amounts and prices of several basic items (Nielz)

August 13, 2008

  • Added: The Clan Master, who lives somewhere in the underworld (Nielz)

August 14, 2008

  • Changed: level 99-players can now get into random encounters (Nielz)
  • Fixed: status spells worked on bosses (Abba)
  • Fixed: change title verb (Nielz)
  • Fixed: all save points (Abba)

August 15, 2008

  • Fixed: the door to outside in the clan master's house (Abba)
  • Added: a limit in level difference for joining parties (max. 20 levels) (Nielz)
  • Added: ridable yellow chocobos (while riding a yellow chocobo, there are no battle encounters) (Nielz)

August 17, 2008

  • Added: Odin boss battle (Battle - Abba, Icon - Halkel)
  • Added: Chocobo Races! Just southwest of baron castle or west of baron chocobo forest! (Abba)
  • Added: PVP Castle, Just west of Toroia. (Abba)

August 18, 2008

  • Added: "black-out" effect when sleeping at the INN (Nielz)
  • Changed: Sleeping at the INN now heals the entire party (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Various map glitches (Abba)
  • Improved: Various map- ... stuff? (Abba)

August 21, 2008

  • Fixed: Selling a basic item made all of that item disappear at once (Nielz)
  • Added: An island has risen out of the sea. On this island there are two bosses, and soon to be three. It also comes with a nice little village, and for adventurous type, some tough random encounters. (Maps by Abba, Icons by Halkel)
  • Added: A clan base for Warriors Legacy (Abba)

August 21, 2008

  • Fixed: When a battles started at the same time the player was teleporting to another map (e.g. when stepping through a door), for party followers, it resulted into a black screen rather than actually getting into the battle. (Nielz)

August 22, 2008

  • Changed: better damage calculations for Tonberry's attacks (Halkel)
  • Fixed: Jumbo Cactuar's icon's sides were chopped off (Halkel)
  • Added: map-looping for the upper world's overworld: if you keep going in one direction for a very long time, you will eventually end up at the same spot (Nielz)
  • Added: A new cave has been dug in the mountains north of the castle of Damcyan! (Nielz)

August 25, 2008

  • Fixed: a few map bugs (Abba)
  • Fixed: "Cannot join party (boss)" happened when the party leader wasn't actually standing on a boss tile (Nielz)
  • Added: obstacles to chocobo racing (Abba)
  • Changed: a bit here and there that Abba wasn't happy with. (Abba)

September 7, 2008

  • Fixed: Walking over the "bridges" in Baron castle and Eblan sometimes caused players to get trapped. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: 'Regen' status effect; it always fully healed the player after each turn. (CIB, Nielz)
  • Added: When being healed by 'Regen' status effect, the healing amount will now show in green numbers. (Nielz, CIB)
  • Added: When healing MP, it will now show the healing amount in blue numbers. (CIB)
  • Added: An animation for 'Fire1' spell. The rest of animations will come later! This is just to give you a quick taste of what it will be like. (CIB)
  • Added: 'Glass' helmet drop. Which monster drops, I'm not gonna tell. Razz (Nielz)
  • Changed: Heavy armors no longer take your defense % down. (Nielz, Abba)

September 8, 2008

  • Fixed: the problem where players got trapped behind an "inventory-space requirement" tile (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Ogopogo's boss battle didn't work (Nielz)

October 14, 2008

  • Fixed: Rubicant's battle had the wrong backdrop (Nielz)
  • Added: Fading out and fading in effects upon changing maps and sleeping at the INN (CIB, Nielz)
  • Added: Lugae Y and Baigan boss battles (Abba)
  • Added: It is now possible face another direction without moving away from your spot. You can do this by holding Ctrl while pressing the directional key of the direction you would like to face. (CIB, Nielz)

October 17, 2008

  • Just got my wireless adapter re-installed, so everything should be smooth sailing from here on out. The connection should be a bit faster, too. So welcome back to the new and improved server of FFL! Go tell all your friends. Our goal is to make this game as popular as it was when we first started hosting (S.McCutcheon)
  • Also, kids, don't punch brick walls. It hurts you more than it does them. (S.McCutcheon)
  • Abba <3 Paige. (Abba)

November 2, 2008

  • IMPORTANT: Abba has been promoted to new Official game owner & Manager (Nielz)
  • Added: extra ninjutsu skills for later levels (Abba)
  • Added: new animations for Ice, Cure and Bolt2 (CIB)
  • Fixed: the issue with BalnobX missing his head (Abba)
  • Fixed: world MotD verb, now with spam filter! (Nielz)
  • Fixed: spell list, Dark summons belong to the Black Knight (Abba)
  • Optimized: Auto-reboot is a lot safer now, it also comes with a shiny new verb called Reboot time for those long dungeon challenges. (CIB)
  • Changed: 'Sylph' spell weakened, You're welcome, CIB (Abba)
  • Note: Dragoon somehow developed sing, this will be removed soon. (Questionable bug?)

November 3, 2008

  • Fixed: Dragoons having 'Sing' (Abba)
  • Come and check out the pub in baron, the pub itself isn't an update, but something inside is. (Abba, Halkel, Paige, Kaido, Always [Abba did always' part, he's broke his computer])
  • Mystery update: better go find it for yourselves. (????)

November 15, 2008

  • Added: 3 New ++ classes added, Dancer, Mature white twin and Mature black twin. (Abba)
  • Added: Status attacks! Several monsters now have status attacks such as darkness, stone, mute and poison. (Abba)
  • Added: Several new weapons for such types as Rods and Bows/Arrows. (Abba)
  • Changed: Land of Summons' shops. (Abba)
  • Changed: Gemini and Virgo have been weakened slightly. (Halkel, Abba)
  • Changed: Cactuars are now harder. (Abba)
  • Changed: Halkel's island has moved home. (Abba)
  • Changed: Prayer is now weaker but heals MP as well. (Abba)
  • Changed: Abba's and Nielz' bosses. Find out for yourself how. (Abba)
  • Added/Changed/Removed: Maybe some other things, Not completely sure. (Abba)

December 1, 2008

  • Fixed: GM list, new GMs are in. (CIB)
  • Fixed: party should fade at the same time (CIB)
  • Fixed: Save points, everywhere works! (Abba)
  • Fixed: Dancers Dance now dances the correct... Dances Dance now Heals, Protects or Shells. (Abba)
  • Improved: Halkel's island (Abba)
  • Added: Chests now cover 1/3 of the map. (Abba)
  • Added: Annoyingly evil side quest which requires not opening some specific chests. (Abba <3)
  • Moved: Halkel's island (Abba)

December 14, 2008

  • Fixed: Everyone can use Bahamut swords. (Abba)
  • Fixed: A few map fixes. (Abba)
  • Fixed: Inventory stacking issue. (Abba)
  • Added: New limited time ++ class, Feel the love ^^ (Abba, Halkel for the icon)
  • Changed: Questionable shape of one particular forest. (Abba)

December 21, 2008

  • Fixed: The directional keys tended to feel unresponsive at time, due to the reduced walking speed (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Sometimes one could get into a random encounter when standing on a boss tile, causing one to get stuck in the battle screen after the random encounter (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Joining the party of a player who is standing on a requirement tile (e.g. level requirement) could cause the game to crash (Nielz, Maru/Paige/Rog)
  • Added: A verb to toggle fading effect upon changing maps (Nielz)
  • Added: Paige (Our hostsickle) has a clan base. (Abba, mapped by paige?)
  • Added: A special award, you'll never find it, Well, you might. (Abba)
  • Changed: Drop rate of a particular item. (Abba)


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PostSubject: Re: Game updates   Wed Dec 31, 2008 10:58 am

December 31, 2008

  • Added: The new p-wipe verb, for us Head Admins who believe that you've bug abused to achieve things you shouldn't be able to. (CIB, on request by Abba)
  • Added: Festive Admin gifts for Abba, Paige, Maru, Rog, Nielz, Kaido, Halkel and CIB (Abba)
  • Added: The stats tab now also shows your exp-to-levelup percentage. (Nielz)
  • Added: A verb to calculate exp needed to level up at any level. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Several NPCs would wander out of their boundaries. (Abba)
  • Fixed: In some situations, party members jumped around the screen while following the party leader. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Mods didn't appear in the GM List. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Mods didn't have a red name in the 'Who' list. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: When a treasure chest was being opened more than once, quickly in a row, the chest didn't close anymore. (Nielz)
  • Improved: Icons for the Mature twins (Halkel)
  • Improved: The GM List looks nicer now. (Nielz)
  • Improved: Improved the Toggle Music verb to make music actually start instantly when enabling music. (Nielz)
  • Improved: You no longer leave your party when using the Big Whale. (Nielz)
  • Improved: You no longer leave your party when passing a requirement tile (e.g. level requirement). From now on, only party members who don't meet the requirement will leave the party. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Abba's boss icon. You won't understand why. (Abba)
  • Changed: Prices and locations of a few items. (Abba)
  • Finished: The FFL Christmas give away! (Abba)
  • Fixed/added/changed/improved: Possibly some other things that we can't remember. (Nielz, Abba, CIB, Halkel)

January 13, 2009

  • Fixed: The crash bug!! (Nielz (Abba and Cecil81067 for explaining the theory behind the crash bug))
  • Optimized: Added two new drop-down menus to the menu bar of dreamseeker and moved some verbs there, to be hidden from the Social tab. (Nielz)
  • Optimized: MP in menus will only display for classes that actually get MP. (Nielz)
  • Changed: The Message of the day now shows in a popup window. (Nielz, Abba)
  • Removed: Gemini blade and Viro blade. (Abba)
  • Added: Secret boss that is impossibly hard to find, but when defeated, you will earn a super fun reward. (Abba)
  • Added/Fixed/Changed/Optimized/Removed: Perhaps some other stuff that we can't remember. (Dev team)

February 1, 2009

  • Changed/Removed: Level 99 Skills and spells. (Abba)
  • Changed: Restored the original titlescreen music, but an enhanced version of it. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Quests have been changed: Bonus Class sidequest and Final Boss quest. (Abba)
  • Added: Yellow chocobo 'warks' when caught and released. (Nielz)
  • Added: A new command in the menu "Load"; This will take you to the title screen without having to reconnect or close Dream Seeker! (Nielz, CIB, suggested by Xarith)
  • Fixed: Asura now uses the correct map icon. (Abba)
  • Fixed: Ugly map errors and such needed fixing. (Abba)
  • Added/Changed/Fixed/Improved: Things that we may not remeber. (Abba/Nielz/CIB/Halkel/Others)

February 16, 2009

  • Added: Clan rules and regulations. (Abba, with some help from everyone else)
  • Added: NPC's now look at you when you talk to them! (Nielz)
  • Added: You can now join some one's party by pressing CENTER when facing them. (Nielz)
  • Added: "Escaping" sound when escaping from a battle. (Nielz)
  • Added: Fade-in upon battle start and battle end. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: There was a black screen bug when walking under the eblan bridgegates from north to south. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Several areas were missing particular types of music. (Abba)
  • Fixed: Lamia now faces the correct direction. (Halkel)
  • Changed: Archimus and Zeromus Final have been powered down slightly in some attacks. (Abba)

February 28, 2009

  • Added: Captain ++ class is unlockable for all, the quest just got longer. (Abba)
  • Added: Sounds for: "player hurt","door opens", "door switch", "chest opens", "monster dies", sword attack, staff/rod attack, bow attack, punch attack, Darkwave, Jump hit, Ice1, Fire1, Bolt1, Bolt2, Bio, Sleep, Hold, Poison. (Nielz)
  • Added: When using an item in battle, it will now show the name of the item in a small blue box, the same way it does for magic. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Continued NPC, Map and monster fixes. (Abba)
  • Fixed: When riding a yellow chocobo, the player's portrait in the menu used to disappear untill the chocobo was released. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: The screen faded when walking on a save point. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: There was a bug which sometimes caused the player to become trapped on top of a bridgegate. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: When a battle is won, dead party members will no longer stand up to dance along with the living party members. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Zeromus now sucks less. (Abba)
  • Changed: New, less laggy character-selecting screen. (Nielz)
  • Optimized: The "battle encounter" sound is now played 1.5 seconds before the battle and battlemusic starts. The effect of this is more like it is in the real FF IV. (Nielz)
  • Optimized: Magic animations (for those that have an animation) now delay the damage number to show AFTER the animation in stead of simultaneous with the animation. (Nielz)
  • Optimized: "Victory dance" animation after a battle is now a REAL icon state, rather than switching between the battle_walk and battle_item state constatly. This results into a MUCH smoother animation and a good reduction of global lag. An additional advantage is that you can now make your own custom victory poses for your custom icons! (Halkel, Nielz)
  • Removed: Lugae's trap tile. (Abba)

March 1, 2009

  • Added: Stat limiter of 255. So overpoweredness isn't as much of an issue in some cases. (Abba, Nielz)
  • Added: All kinds of sound effects! (Nielz)
  • Added: Players now step forward before attacking in battle. (Nielz)
  • Added: A "toggle sound" verb. The "Toggle music" option has been renamed to "Toggle Audio" and allows you to toggle music as well as sound effects. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: When a boss killed itself because of Reflect, or when it was killed by poison, players did not get the reward from the boss. (Nielz, Abba)

March 9, 2009

  • Added: Medals: certain achievements will get you listed on the newly-added "Standings" page on the HUB. (Abba, Nielz)
  • Added: Shop open/close notification to party members. (Nielz, suggested by Ehergiz)
  • Fixed: The ability sound for "Scan" and "Libra" played AFTER the display of stats. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Darkwave or any other skill with a negative HP drain will no longer display the "player hurt" animation. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: The stuck-on-overpass glitch persisted. This time it's REALLY fixed! (Nielz)
  • Fixed: There was a flaw which allowed players to be teleported to places they hadn't been to yet. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: There was a bug - when riding chocobo - which caused chocobo icons to be removed upon touching shores. (Nielz)

March 19, 2009

  • Fixed: Going through the Lunar Caves to reach the palace causes party members to be stuck at the doors. (Nielz, reported by Ehergiz)
  • Fixed: The Dev-team boss battle did not add into the player's list of defeated bosses, which made it impossible to unlock the Captain class. (Nielz, Abba)
  • Fixed: Parties splitted up when teleporting. (Nielz)
  • Fixed/Changed/Altered: A whole bunch of things. (Abba)

April 7, 2009

  • Added: GM airship. (Abba)
  • Added: Quick Links! Type any of the following with whatever you want to search after it. For example Google:Kittens, Youtube:Battle_on_the_big_bridge, Wiki:Final Fantasy, GoogImg: Beavers (Abba, Nielz)
  • Added: You can now toggle the MotD to open in a popup or in the chatbox, using the "Toggle MotD..." option under Game Options. (Nielz)
  • Added: Players will now auto-parry in battle if they are inactive for longer than 90 seconds. (Nielz)
  • Optimized: The first letter of non-emote chatlines are now auto-capitalized. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Tents and cabins were not usable on many savepoints, nor on the moonsurface or in the underworld. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Some chests in Antlion cave (and perhaps some other places, too) were impossible to reach due to some small bridges that could not be walked under. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Attacks of some bosses. (Abba)
  • Suggestions were implemented, I forgot which ones (Abba).
  • Things. (People)

April 18, 2009 to April 19, 2009

  • Added: A small equipment info box for the equipment screen. (Nielz)
  • Added: Side quest for some nice new equipment. (Abba)
  • Added: New random encounters for the inner core of the moon. (Abba)
  • Added: Silence Animation. (Abba)
  • Added: A fancy item description box for the item screen! (Nielz)
  • Added: A super-fancy new item stats-and-info box for shops! (Nielz)
  • Fixed: The auto-capitalizing of a first letter in a sentence caused URL's to display incorrectly. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Players on chocobos could "trample" towns, cave entrances and mountain paths! (Nielz)
  • Fixed: The 9,999,999 GP medal didn't work. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Players could move the cursor beyond their items in certain menus. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: There were complaints about the inactivity auto-parry kicking in too fast. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Goon's poor strength gains.
  • Changed: Overpowering in Melee classes has been reduced. (Abba)
  • Changed: Mage classes have been improved. (Abba)
  • Changed: Spell list updated. (Ehergiz)
  • Added/Fixed/Changed/Removed: Things. (Abba, Nielz, CIB, Halkel, Other staff)

May 10, 2009

  • Added: Babil Giant. Babil giant bosses too. (Abba, Maru, Nielz, King Flapjack)
  • Added: Damage floors for Sylvan and Land of summons. Red Flash.(Abba, Nielz, Suggestion box)
  • Added: White flash for warning before bosses. (Abba, Nielz)
  • Added: A notification for earning a medal. (Nielz)
  • Added: A bonus verb mechanism; special verbs earnt through quests - such as 'vaccine' will now save into your characted to re-load after login. Note: Vaccine will also no longer disappear after use. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: There was a little glitch in menu sounds for a specific menu screen. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: EvilMask's damage output has been lowered, i think. (Abba, Suggestion list)
  • Fixed: Berserk (Abba, Suggestion list)
  • Fixed: After losing a bossbattle that was triggered by a boss tile on top of a requirement tile, the game would think that the player was still standing on that requirement tile, disallowing other players to join the party of the person that just lost the boss battle. (Nielz, reported by Ehergiz)
  • Improved: When losing a battle, the entire party will no longer be split up whatsoever, but only the party member's who have never been at the leader's "last saved location" will be kicked from the party. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Lowered level requirement for Lunar Core and Eblan Cave. (Abba)
  • The Holy Lance has been improved. (Abba, Suggestion List)

May 28, 2009

  • Added: New weapons! (Halberd, Scimitar, Mace, Crossbow and Flail) (Abba, Halkel)
  • Added: (Elemental) attributes for weapons! (Nielz)
  • Added: Weapon elemental attributes are now displayed in the shop infobox. (Nielz)
  • Added: A notification sound for incoming whispers and filetransfers. (Nielz, suggested by Cyber94)
  • Added: Animations for all of white and black magic have been added! (iconing by King Flapjack, implementation by Nielz and Abba)
  • Added: A notification to the party when a party member opens the stash (bank) menu. (Nielz, suggestion box)
  • Added: Total invulnarability for Dragoon's jump charge. (Nielz)
  • Optimized: The fading effect upon changing maps is now faster and smoother. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Adjustments to str/agi/vit/wis/wil by equipment did not add up to the numbers in the status screen. (Nielz, pointed out by Maru711)
  • Fixed: When flying above the Babil Giant and flying away from it, the player would remain an airship. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: After successfully casting Hold or Stop on a monster, it would still display the monster's attack name when it tried to use the attack. (Nielz, reported by Ehergiz)
  • Fixed: Searchers are now immune to Earth magic. (Abba, reported by Ehergiz)
  • Fixed: Battles weren't halted properly during abilities with lengthy animations; monsters and players would make moves while the previous action's animation was still running.
  • Fixed: Magus summoning spell no longer is broken. (Abba)
  • Changed: The maximum wait time to choose an action in battle has been increased from 20 seconds to 30 seconds. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Twin magic now has its own unique system, try it out. (Abba)
  • Changed: The 'Gilgamesh quest' has been updated and now features unique rewards depending on the class you use to receive the reward. (Abba)

June 3, 2009

  • Added: An arrow usage system; If you are using a bow, make sure you buy enough arrows! (Nielz)
  • Added: White mages have a new spell called "Magic Arrow", which temporarily stops arrow consumption for bows and crossbows. (Nielz)
  • Added: Ninja shops now show the dart's power in the info box. (Nielz)
  • Added: "Toggle Audio" (which has been renamed to "Audio Options") under "Game Options" now features an option to change the volume of sound effects and music. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Blue magic's 'Berserk' could only be used on the enemy. (Nielz, reported by Exxel)
  • Fixed: When in a party, the dragoon's "jump charge invincibility" did not go away after jumping. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: A fallen party would respawn at the same spot where they encountered that battle in which they had fallen. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: When more than one monster died at once, the sound of the monster dying would get louder with the increasing number of monsters dying at once. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Valvalis' Aircut has been weakened. (Nielz)
  • Changed: The "Action" verb is now toggleable. (Nielz, suggested Nyaru and others)
  • Changed: "Blink" status will now protect you for 3 turns in stead of 2 turns. (Nielz, suggested by Ironjitsu)
  • Changed: The timer for inactivity-auto-parrying has been increased due to popular demand. (Nielz)

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PostSubject: Re: Game updates   Fri Jun 19, 2009 12:12 pm

June 13, 2009

  • Added: A jail system. (Nielz, requested by Abba)
  • Added: A jail. To be ran by selected players. (Abba, Kaido)
  • Added: A new item "Exit" has been added; this item will teleport you back to the last town you have visited. (Nielz, more or less suggested by Sheva05)
  • Added: The party will be hidden during an animated summon spell. (Nielz)
  • Added: Animation for Bahamut summon. (King Flapjack)
  • Added: Animations for Twin Magic. (King Flapjack)
  • Added: A new setting under Game Optons, to toggle auto-capitalizing of the first letter of a sentence. (Nielz, due to popular complaint)
  • Added: Bahamut has a quest similar to the Gilgamesh quest. No other hints available. (Abba)
  • Fixed: Zemus' left hand was missing some fingers. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: A revived party member would keep lying down untill it was his or her turn. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Bridges in the Water Cave could be walked off. (Nielz, Abba, reported by 2cool)
  • Fixed: The character selection menu was set to show too far down. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: White Mage's Teleport spell didn't work. (Nielz, reported by Boxxy)
  • Fixed: Holy spell could only target all enemies at once. (Nielz, reported by Sheva05)
  • Fixed: Some monster attacks, such as "LBarrage", had no effect. (Abba, Nielz)
  • Fixed: Gilgamesh quest. (Abba, Keeth?)
  • Optimized: When using a paid teleporter, you will only be charged GP AFTER you have teleported, in stead of before teleporting. (Nielz)
  • Optimized: All game options now save for all of your characters, rather than having separate settings for each character. (Nielz)
  • Changed: From now on, Guest keys will be blocked from logging in. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Yellow chocobos can now cross rivers. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Cagnazzo will use ''Wave' less frequently than before. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Red Dragons have fixed their drops and hate you less. (Abba)

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PostSubject: Re: Game updates   Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:28 pm

July 27, 2009

  • Added: A clan member limiter of 15. (Nielz)
  • Added: When being challenged to a PVP battle, you will have the choice to accept or decline the challenge. (Nielz)
  • Added: Animations for weapons. (King Flapjack)
  • Added:A brand new airship system! This airship works just the way as it does in the original FF4! To update your old airship, bring it to King Giott in Dwarf Castle or to an engineer in Baron Castle. (Nielz) *
  • Added: The menus now have the authentic random 'bleep' sound as heard in the real FF4! (Nielz)
  • Added: When a party goes to battle, it will leave a sword symbol ("battle flag") on the map. This battle flag will go away after the battle. (Nielz)
  • Added: Characters will show a small "knock-back" effect when being hit, making it look more like the real FF IV. (Nielz, suggested by Dlbrooks33)
  • Added: Casting animations for White, Black, Blue, Twin and summon magic, as well as for Ninjutsu. (Dolph Thorwald)
  • Added: Animation for Shiva summon. (Dolph Thorwald)
  • Fixed: Blue magic spell "Astral" did not show damage. (Nielz, reported by Dkola)
  • Fixed: Portraits at the character selection screen stopped showing up after an update of the BYOND client itself. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Icons of knives did not show up in battle. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Peep and Libra's animations showed after the infos in stead of before. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Archimus' and Zeromus' 'Nuke' attack as well as Odin's 'Zantetsuken' attack could crash the server under certain conditions. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Left attack message boxes in PVP were sticky. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Fade effect upon changing areas sometimes looked odd during lag. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: 3 broken save points in Babil Tower. (Abba)
  • Fixed: Teleport spell didn't consume MP. (Nielz, reported by Krath5)
  • Fixed: Phoenix did not revive. (Nielz, reported by Da-Bastard)
  • Fixed: Flare is now non-elemental magic. (Nielz, reported by Da-Bastard)
  • Fixed: When using certain animated magics on certain targets, the animation would not show in the right direction. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Status effects did not go away after dying. (Nielz, reported by Zerno)
  • Fixed: Getting into a battle under a bridge would cause the player to be placed incorrectly after the battle. (Nielz, reported by Ryanzorz)
  • Fixed: There was a way that players could fight a boss more than once. (Nielz, reminded by Ricardo62)
  • Fixed: When a player, who was riding on a chocobo, walked through forests, it would still show the entire chocobo icon in stead of only the head. (Nielz, reported by Dlbrooks33)
  • Fixed: A crash bug. (Nielz, reported by The Humanoid Typhoon and BarbWyreAngel)
  • Fixed: Claws were displayed above the player's head in stead of on their arm. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: 'Curaja' was said to heal undead enemies, in stead of damaging them. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: 'Flarage' had no animation. (Nielz, reported by Sheva05)
  • Improved: When you open a chest and find an item, it will now show the inventory icon of the item next to its name. (Nielz)
  • Improved: Flowing animations for oceanwater, townwater, cavewater, overworldwaterfall and townwaterfall now look a lot better. (Nielz)
  • Improved: The title screen has a refreshing new look to it! (Nielz)
  • Improved: When talking to NPC's, they will now keep looking at you for as long as the message is displayed, rather than always 4 seconds. Same for treasure chests staying open. (Nielz)
  • Improved: Timing of animations and stepping forward/back in battle has been improved to feel more like the real FF4. (Nielz)
  • Improved: Archimus' and Zeromus' 'Nuke' attack as well as Odin's 'Zantetsuken' attack now show the actual damage dealt, rather than just "1". (Nielz)
  • Improved: After a battle, you will face the same direction as before the battle (in stead of always facing south) to avoid confusion in navigation. (Nielz, brought to attention TheFinalBoss)
  • Improved: Undead monsters are now weak to blunt weapons (flails and maces) and silver weapons. (Nielz)
  • Improved: The time taken by battle reward messages has been shortened drastically. These messages will now go by twice as fast as before. (Nielz, suggested by many people throughout the past)
  • Improved: Several overpowered weapons have been rebalanced. (Abba, Nielz)
  • Optimized: The mechanics of the custom icon system have been optimized for lower disk usage. ***You will need to re-upload your custom icons***. (Nielz)
  • Optimized: The way the menu opens has been changed to - possibly - reduce lag slightly. It will load some elements of the menu separately, rather than loading everything in one piece. (Nielz)
  • Changed: When trying to use a vehicle when one or more of your party members don't have the vehicle, the party will be halted in stead of auto-kicking those members from the party. (Nielz, suggested by BarbWyreAngel)
  • Changed: The maximum stack size for arrows is now 200. (Nielz)
  • Changed: The "Calculate Exp" verb under 'Extra' has been changed. It now lets you calculate the needed exp to reach any higher level from your current level. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Increased success rate of supportive magic on multiple targets. (Nielz, due to the many, many complaints throughout the past)
  • Changed: When you log out on the worldmap, you will spawn at the same spot as where you last logged out. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Loss of gold when losing a battle has been reduced to from 1/2 to 1/3 of your gold. (Nielz)
  • Changed: You will no longer lose any gold when losing a PVP battle. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Charge time for monk's Kick skill has been lowered a little since it was slower than most summon spells. (Nielz, requested by Dkola)

August 13, 2009

  • Added: The 'Status' tab now shows information about party members (Level, HP, MP, Exp, GP and status effects). (Nielz, suggested by Reijea and others)
  • Added: An option to display player keys after their names in chat. (Nielz, requested by Abba)
  • Added: All weapons now have animations! (King Flapjack)
  • Improved: Bows and spears now do extra damage to flying monsters. (Nielz, suggested by SirRob)
  • Improved: When hovering your mouse cursor over a battle flag, in the status bar (at the bottom), it will now say "[player]'s battleflag" in stead of just "battleflag". (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Airship parties couldn't cross mountains, ocean, lava, etc... (Nielz, reported by Sheva04)
  • Fixed: Certain walls and other map objects appeared on top of the fade-in/-out animation. (Nielz)

September 2009

  • Added: Idle players will now auto-loot items. (Nielz)
  • Added: Elemental attacks for monsters. (Nielz)
  • Added: Animations for monster attacks. (Nielz)
  • Added: Scorch and Suiton animations. (King Flapjack)
  • Added: 4 extra slots for your save file! These can be accessed by pressing the right-arrow key [-->] in the character selection screen. (Nielz)
  • Added: 'vit' now affects your defence % a bit. (Nielz, suggested by Ehergiz)
  • Added: Developer List verb. (Nielz)
  • Added: New Mail system! (Abba, Nielz)
  • Added: Area similar to Pink Puff Area for Red Dragons. (Abba)
  • Added: New shiny colour scheme for all HTML based pages. (Abba)
  • Added: You can now watch battles by pressing center/numpad 5 whilst facing a battle flag! (Nielz, suggested by Biskey)
  • Added: Animations for Darkwave, Wave, Needles, Katon and Smoke. (King Flapjack)
  • Fixed: When there were no free spaces in the inventory, players could not restock items even though they had less than 99 of the item. (Niez, reported by SirRob and Shiro Cane)
  • Fixed: There was a problem in the saybuttons below the chat box, causing Dream Seeker crashes and an error message in the console window. (Nielz, reported by Inu-kun)
  • Fixed: The annoying white pixel in the Gladiator's chanting stance. (Nielz, reported by Soundtrack and others)
  • Fixed: By abusing a certain bug, players could refight certain bosses. (Nielz, reported by Latoma)
  • Fixed: Whip icons were backwards and upside-down. (Nielz, reported by Wrath_Child22)
  • Fixed: Sliced-off tops of heads in the victory dance of some classes. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Some knive-type weapons were invisible in battle. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Swordmaster victory dance didn't "bounce". (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Magic Knight did not have a victory dance. (Nielz, reported by SirRob)
  • Fixed: Auto-mutes will no longer become perma-mutes after a reboot. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Weapons with a defense bonus did not actually add defense. (Nielz, reported by Ehergiz)
  • Fixed: Flails were upside down. (Nielz, reported by Soundtrack)
  • Fixed: Several peices of equipment were missing elements. (Abba)
  • Fixed: Halberds are now sharp and pointy. (Abba)
  • Fixed: The status tab did not display the party infos correctly. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Items did not work when there was only one instance of it in the inventory. (Nielz)
  • Optimized: Talking to the postman now also opens your inbox. (Nielz, forgot who suggested this)
  • Changed: Key items after a battle will now be obtained even with a full inventory. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Defence multipliers are now determined by agility again. (Due to multiple complaints)
  • Changed: Monk's attacks are no slightly stronger. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Defense mutiplier is now determined by vit in stead of agi. (Nielz, suggested by Abba)
  • Changed: Magic Sword now works properly and does decent damage. (Abba, Ehergiz)
  • Changed: Monks now get better Strength and Health. (Abba)
  • Changed: Ninjas get better Strength and defense. (Abba)
  • Changed: Paladins get better Strength. (Abba)
  • Changed: Minds and Breaths got tuffer. (Abba, in the words of Hiye)

October 2009

  • Added: An option to toggle all status panel infos at once. (Nielz, suggested by Foobar Master)
  • Added: Float/Levitate can now be used outside of battle to prevent damage from damage floors. (Nielz, suggested by Sherokain synj zagm etree niya)
  • Added: You can now choose which info to show in your Status tab by using Game Options --> Status Panel Options. (Nielz, suggested by Uhfrank)
  • Added: Working elemental resistances for armor. (Nielz) (Well, the system is in place but elements have yet to be added to armors)
  • Fixed: Bombs (monster), when exploding, did not hurt the player. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Some monsters were said to hurt themselves for no particular reason. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Demi had faulty damage. (Nielz, reported by Sherokain synj zagm etree niya)
  • Fixed: Possibly some other minor gliches during character loading. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: At character login, the music always started at 100% volume, even when it was set to a lower %. (Nielz, reported by Bunnie)
  • Fixed: Raijin had the same animation as Suiton. (Abba)
  • Fixed: Mail and contact list didn't transfer between characters. (Nielz)
  • Improved: Newly created characters will now use your previously saved game options if applicable. (Nielz)
  • Improved: Game options now transfer between characters. (Nielz)

November 2009

  • Added: Monsters now have new skills! Bluedragons now have Blizzard. RedGiants now have Flamer. Zemus, Zeromus, ZeromusF all have Big Bang, Evil Masks now have Holy and Flare, Others included. (Andrew, MerCeNary_SePhirotH for the suggestion)
  • Added: While in battle, a little sword symbol will show in front of your icon in chat and in the "who" list. (Nielz)
  • Added: A lot of Legacy City. Sadly, you can't see this yet. (Andrew)
  • Fixed: There was a chance of getting a random encounter directly after a boss battle, causing the party to be trapped on the battle screen after the randon encounter. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Icons of which the first state was not the 'normal' state, displayed incorrectly in chat and in the 'who' list. (Nielz, reported by various people)
  • Fixed: Joining a party right before entering a battle, forced the party to follow the joiner in his/her battle. (Nielz, reported by Latoma)
  • Fixed: There were problems with displaying party info in the blue panel for observers. (Nielz, reported by Shiro Cane)
  • Fixed: A failed attempt by a player of the left-hand party (in PVP) to escape from battle, resulted in that player facing the wrong way afterwards. (Nielz, reported by Latoma)
  • Fixed: Zeromus, Zeromus Final, and all of the dragons hurt themselves for 9999 damage when attacking with "D. Breath" (Nielz, reported by various people)
  • Fixed: Messages in "Say" couldn't been seen when the party was invisible during an animated summon. (Nielz, reported by Latoma)
  • Fixed: Icons didn't show in chat or in the "who" list when the player was in a battle. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Some attack animations didn't mirror correctly. (With the help of Lummox JR)
  • Fixed: Mail sent to offline players failed to deliver. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: When HP was low, the player would stand up straight after attacking, as if nothing was wrong (Nielz, reported by I forgot who did)
  • Improved: Baron town is now added to your list of visited places by default. (Nielz, suggested by Latoma)
  • Improved: Observers in battle can now see monsters' and players' names and players' HP, as well as attack names. (Nielz, suggested by Fatalfox and others)
  • Improved: The 'Send file' verb now asks for confirmation before sending the selected file, tell you which you are sending and to who. (Nielz)
  • Changed: The level limit for joining a party is now based on the average level of the party members, rather than only the leader. This to prevent bypassing the level limit. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Enemies/Bosses such as Gilgamesh, CPU [Defense node too], Leviathan, [highly evasive bosses], Pudding, and etc have all had their defenses lowered so they're no longer silly and evasive.
  • Changed: Mecha Dragon now dwells inside the Giant. (Andrew, MerCeNary_SePhirotH for the suggestion)
  • Changed: Fabul King now tells you to go to baron. Finally! (Andrew, Several people's suggestions)
  • Changed: Since Big Bang has been added. The 3Zs have had their HP lowered aswell as that other one. (Andrew)
  • Changed: Moon: Alot of dragons now have D.Breath. Overall Experience has been improved and some new rare item [elixir and etc], not equipment, drops have been added. (Andrew)
  • Changed: Giant of Babil: Some enemies were bugged and attacked themselves with such attacks as laser and etc. (Andrew)
  • Changed: Sealed Cave: Evil head's drain attack should be doing half of what it previously was doing. Experience should be on average, higher. (Andrew and Nielz)
  • Changed: Land of summons: Arachne now has quake, on average enemies give less exp. (Andrew)
  • Changed: Random encounters in the giant, sealed cave, land of summons and on the moon have been edited. See below for more info. (Andrew)
  • Changed: Censoring of bad words in chat is now done client-side; you can choose whether or not words are being censored for you, using Chat Options --> Toggle Censoring. (Nielz, suggested by Foobar Master)
  • Changed: Captains have had all useful skills removed. (Andrew)
  • Changed: Mature Black Twins have been restructured. There equipment lists have been edited and have an overall higher average of stats than previous MBTs. (Andrew)
  • Changed: Drain and Phoenix have both been nerfed due to players spamming them all the time. (Andrew)
  • Changed: Ultra-rare items are slightly less rare now. (Andrew)
  • Changed: Dragoon's jump takes longer to attack. (Andrew)

December 2009

  • Added: When exiting the Giant of Babil, your airship will be automatically re-located to the Giant's entrance. (Nielz, Abba, suggested by Latoma)
  • Added: A "playing time counter"; this allows you to see how much time you have spent on your character. (Nielz)
  • Added: The 'Vaccine' verb now has an option to reset your icon to your class' default icon. (Nielz, suggested by Zola)
  • Added: Chatbox moderators now have an '@' symbol in front of their name. (Nielz)
  • Added: A verb to display a list of current parties, their members and average level. This verb can be found under the 'Social' tab. (Nielz)
  • Added: Due to several complaints about not being able to type commands in the message box after the recent update, I have added a command-mode button on the bottom far right to simulate the functionality of the old message box. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: When switching characters using the 'Load' option from the menu while one or more chatboxes were open, the chatbox(es) would stay visible. (Nielz, reported by Zola)
  • Fixed: The "list parties" verb incorrectly indicated wheter or not one could join a party. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: After the removal of the 'F-Say' channel, 'fsay' and 'femote' remained in the "Toggle Channels" menu. (Nielz, reported by Sum-dude)
  • Fixed: If a player's party entered a battle while that player was observing a battle, he/she would continue seeing the messages of the observed during his/her own battle. (Nielz, reported by Katoma)
  • Fixed: Dancer's 'Dance' ability didn't work the way it should. (Nielz, reported by Shiro Cane)
  • Fixed: The "Evil Wall" boss was placed too far down on the map. (Abba)
  • Fixed: The "Trainer" NPC had a major security flaw. (Nielz, reported by Perfect Miner)
  • Fixed: Earning a medal after a battle sometimes caused the party to be left stuck on the battlefield. (Nielz, reported by many)
  • Fixed: Chatbox messages sometimes appeared in the wrong chatbox. (Nielz, reported by Uhfrank)
  • Fixed: Leaving a party during battle could sometimes mess up that party. (Nielz, reported by Latoma)
  • Improved: Various (invisible) improvements to the battle code. (Nielz)
  • Improved: The typing box for chatting looks better! (Nielz)
  • Improved: When losing a battle, party members will only be kicked from the party if they haven't been at the leader's respawning location. (Nielz)
  • Changed: When using the 'list chatboxes" verb, passworded chatboxes now have a small icon of a lock in front of their title. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Several informational verbs have been moved to a new tab "Info" at the top of the window. (Nielz, suggested by Uhfrank)
  • Changed/improved: F-Say (Free Say) has been removed and replaced by a system for custom chatboxes that can be created and deleted freely. You can join up to 3 chatboxes at a time. (Nielz, thanks to Always and Uhfrank for suggestions and thorough testing)

January 2010

  • Added: Bosses (E.g. Zeromus) Now have a dispelling attack. (Abba)
  • Added: Smilies in chat! You can toggle them on/off in your own text with the “Toggle Smilies…” option under “Chat Options”. (Nielz, requested by Abba)
  • Added: The "Chat Options" menu now has an option to change your default channel for chatting. (Nielz, suggested by several people)
  • Improved: Some bosses have new attacks. (Abba)
  • Changed: Ninja's throw is now beautiful. (Abba)
  • Changed: You can no longer create or join chatboxes while being muted and/or jailed. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Your character's age/playing time is now displayed in the main menu - just above your GP - instead of in the Status tab. (Nielz)

February 2010

  • Added: You can now see the selected actions of party members in the ‘Status’ tab. (CIB)
  • Added: New summon animations (Bomb, Chocobo, Cockatrice, Flayer) (King Flapjack)
  • Added: Dying (fading) and attacking (flashing) animations for monsters! (CIB, Nielz)
  • Added: Staff can now reset your icon. (Abba)
  • Added: Staff Only MOTD. Part of the new motivated staff work ethic. (Abba, Nielz)
  • Improved: Twin Magic can be used with two twins now. Simply select the same twin magic, this will increase both users' damage. (CIB)
  • Improved: More advanced battle mechanics; the Mist Dragon will now really turn into mist, Octomammoth will lose tentacles as it weakens and Mombomb will appear once her baby bombs are dead. More to come! (CIB)
  • Improved: Battles are now a lot faster; choosing an action no longer holds up the battle, making it possible for multiple party members to choose an action simultaneously. Players will also perform their selected action while other party members are still choosing an action, if they are slow enough, or if you are fast enough. (CIB)
  • Optimized: Internal changes to the icon format. (CIB, King Flapjack, Nielz)
  • Fixed: Ninja bug (sneaking into boss battles you've already done). (CIB)
  • Fixed: Bomb(now does your HP in damage instead of 1). (CIB)
  • Fixed: When a party got into a battle at the same times as being warped to another map, the party would be left on the battle field after the battle. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Level limits for Eblan cave and Lunar Core. (Abba)
  • Changed: End Bosses (Zeromus, Zeromus Final and Archimus) attacks and stats. (Abba)
  • Changed: Drop rate now increases with the number of players in the party. (CIB)
  • Changed: All status effects now have a 100% chance on a single target. (CIB)
  • Changed: Blink/Reflect now can fail to protect you from an attack, but also have a longer duration. (CIB)
  • Changed: Resistances can now only stack up to 100, thus stacking a 70% blade and a 50% dark resistance will only result in a 100% total resistance. (CIB)
  • Removed: Tonberry Cave temporarily. Cactaur isle still exists. (Abba)

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PostSubject: Re: Game updates   Sat Mar 06, 2010 6:06 pm

March 2010

  • Added: A way to customize stats (check out Fabul). (CIB)
  • Added: Made Slash display an animation. (CIB)
  • Added: Brand new menus and font! (CIB, King Flapjack)
  • Added: A player covering another player will now move to in front of the covered player. (Nielz)
  • Added: You can now arrange your abilities by pressing numpad 1 (southwest) on an ability in battle. (CIB)
  • Added: Cindy (Magus sisters battle) now uses Life2 on her friends. (CIB)
  • Added: A mercenary system is in place, but not yet implemented. (CIB, Abba)
  • Added: Flickering cursor hand when targeting all enemies. (Nielz, CIB)
  • Added: A system to display place names in a box on the screen when changing maps. Please keep in mind that not all areas will have this at the launch of this update since all of the area names need to be set manually. (CIB)
  • Fixed: The new shop menus appeared in a buggy way. (CIB)
  • Fixed: Bridges in Antlion’s cave didn’t work as they should. (Nielz, reported by Artimus166)
  • Fixed: Float did not nullify earth attacks. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Teleport spell would charge gold under certain conditions. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Leaving your party while some or more party members had a shop menu open, would cause those players’ shop menu to bug out. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Dead players could select an action if their menu was up when they died. (CIB)
  • Fixed: Mist Dragon attacked while it was turned to mist. (CIB)
  • Fixed: The MomBomb didn't spawn if one or more of the small bombs used Explode. (CIB)
  • Fixed: The Giant of Babil's exterior looked glitchy. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Zot's entrance was blocked. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Weapons did not show up in battle. (CIB)
  • Fixed: Baigan's limbs were positioned incorrectly. (Abba)
  • Fixed: Monsters did not drop anything. (CIB)
  • Fixed: Remember (Sage's random ability) would use high level spells at low levels. (CIB)
  • Fixed: Mist Dragon's foggy form is now centered correctly. (Nielz, CIB)
  • Fixed: Mist Dragon didn't counter attack when it was turned to mist. (Nielz, CIB)
  • Improved: Arrows from bows and music notes from harps now move toward the target. (CIB, King Flapjack)
  • Improved: All classes' stat gains have been updated with the new stat gains system. (CIB)
  • Improved: Players in the back row will now take two steps forward before performing an action in battle. (Nielz)
  • Improved: The battles of Milon and Dark Elf. (CIB)
  • Improved: Monsters' "die fading" animation is now a lot smoother. (Nielz)
  • Improved: Better algorithms for stat gains. (CIB)
  • Optimized: Animated monster icons are no longer cause lag. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Magic Knights now have a smaller set of white magic, less strength but more magical power. (CIB)
  • Changed: Effect of defense against monsters. (CIB)
  • Changed: Gilgamesh has been updated, he should be more interesting and challenging now. (CIB)
  • Changed: Cindy also buffs now, rather than only resurrecting. (CIB)
  • Changed: Modified HP growth curve. (CIB)
  • Changed: Battles are now slightly easier when soloing, and more difficult for parties larger than two players. (CIB)
  • Changed: Drain is now partially based on wisdom. (CIB)
  • Changed: Exit item and Teleport spell can now be used to warp out of battle. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Charge times of Bombs (Engineer's ability) have been re-balanced. (CIB)
  • Changed: Magic Sword (Swordmaster’s ability) has been re-balanced. (CIB)
  • Changed: Giott’s family crest quest has been changed to a better, larger quest that gives a purpose to places that have had no real purpose before. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Difficulty of some monsters. (CIB)
  • Changed: Monster drops are now randomized, based on the monster's level. Higher level monsters will give better items. (Nielz)

May 2010

  • Fixed: Bridges in Antlion's cave. (Andrew)
  • Fixed: Baigan's arms are correctly positioned. (Andrew)
  • Fixed: Part of the moon bug. (CIB)
  • Fixed: Monster status effects. (CIB)
  • Fixed: Several menus were still using the old backgrounds. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: Mature Black Twins’s Absorb, Bard's Echo and Vitality. (CIB)
  • Fixed: Animation and sound were out of sync for certain basic skills, such as Kick and Jump. (Nielz)
  • Improved: When using the “List parties” verb, you can now see the average level and number of members in the list of parties, before viewing detailed party info. (Nielz, suggested by Uhfrank)
  • Improved: You can now add as many action icon states to your icon as you like. Just make sure that all of your custom action icon states begin with “action_”, for example “action_sit”. (Nielz, suggested by Ehergiz and others)
  • Improved: Damage calculations for Air Cut, Serpent Wave, Scorch and Fire. (CIB
  • Changed: Glass Helm. (Andrew)
  • Changed: Archimus now has his own cave. (Andrew, Reijea)
  • Changed: Barnabas Z's Bluster attack has been nerfed a little. (Nielz, requested by Cold Miller)
  • Changed: Resistances of various monsters and bosses, example: machine monsters are now weak to bolt. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Nerfed SM and Hero. (CIB)
  • Changed: The four fiends battle. (CIB)

June 2010

  • Added: Animations for Ether and Ether2. (King Flapjack)
  • Fixed: Gilgamesh.

July 2010 to november 2010

  • Added: A yes/no dialogue when using reset ability order.
  • Added: Frost and Flame Katanas.
  • Added: A verb to clear your chat window. (Nielz)
  • Added: An auto-kicker for inactive players in the title screen. (Nielz)
  • Added: All locations now have pop up names. (Andrew)
  • Added: Mist cave now lives up to its name. (Andrew, Dolph)
  • Added: New Status: Mana. It's like Regen, but for your MP. (Andrew)
  • Fixed: Zemus only uses his last counterattack once now.
  • Fixed: When using an elemental weapon, multiple target physical attacks would often fail to kill the target.
  • Fixed: The bug that teleported you into nothingness when trying to enter Final Room before beating Zeromus.
  • Fixed: There was a bug with whisper that would allow you to intercept messages.
  • Fixed: There was a bug which enabled players to make themselves immune to all moderator verbs. (Nielz, reported by Reijea)
  • Fixed: The chat system had a weakness which allowed players to post infinitely long messages. (Nielz, reported by Reijea)
  • Fixed: Gilgamesh' ship's textures were missing, making it look like a boat-shaped black hole. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Desert Sahagin's attack has been lowered.
  • Changed: Kaipo and Damcyan now sell Cure2.
  • Changed: Removed level requirements for Lunar Save and Archimus Lair.
  • Changed: Lowered all gold gains.
  • Changed: Increased XP given by Mind/Breath to 40000.
  • Changed: Libra now displays the new defense values.
  • Changed: AllCure heals 1050 now.
  • Changed: Clan title is now restricted to 15 characters.
  • Changed: Zeromus is now significantly harder.
  • Changed: New Jump animation for the dragoon.
  • Changed: White Knight has been redone: New Icon (TTTD), New stats (Andrew), new skills (Andrew, Nielz).
  • Balance: Dragoon -0.1 will, 0.1 vit.
  • Balance: Ninja 0.3 wis, -0.3 wil, nerfed Dart, made Dart unaffected by rows.
  • Balance: Magic Sword is now affected by rows.
  • Balance: Gladiator -0.1 str, Madrush casts Berserk again.
  • Balance: 2xAttack reduced from 200 to 180 power.
  • Balance: Lunar Knight's total MP pool raised.
  • Removed: The ability to unlock the Mature Twins (Black and White).
  • Removed: Dragooness class.

December 2010

  • Added: Animations for summons: Ifrit, Odin, Sylph, Mist and Imp. (King Flapjack)
  • Added: A new "Clan:" quicksearch, just type your clan name without spaces after. (Abba)
  • Added: When the dragoon jumps to the sky, the appropriate sound will be played. (Nielz)
  • Added: You can now observe any battle just by clicking a battle flag (symbolic sword) in front of chat messages and players in the "Who" list. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: The text for equipment info in the equipment menu was not visible. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: The background for the selling quantity box had no gradient. (Nielz)
  • Fixed: There was a bug which allowed players to join multiple parties at once, causing abusable situations. (Nielz, reported by RaikouGilgamesh)
  • Improved: Lava animation in underworld is now a lot smoother. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Mute timers and auto-mute timers will only count down while the muted player is logged in. Auto-mutes will no longer be removed at reboots, but will continue to count down after the reboot when the muted player is logged in again. (Nielz)
  • Changed: Blood Mage's Gilgamesh reward and final spell. (Abba)

February 2011

  • Added: A verb ("Toggle controls") to toggle between numpad controls and alternative controls (mainly for laptop users). It can also be found under Game Options at the top of the screen. (Nielz)
  • Added: When you are muted with a timer, you can now see how much mute time is left when you attemt to send a message. (Nielz)

March 2011 to June 2011

  • Added: Some secret new items. (Abba)
  • Added: Reaver Class. (Abba)
  • Added: Samurai Class. (Abba)
  • Added: Enemy status attacks! (Abba)
  • Added: You can now go back at the "character load/delete" screen. (Nielz, suggested by King Flapjack)
  • Improved: Barbariccia now has a AI similar to the original game. (Abba)
  • Improved: Baigan now has an AI system. (Abba)
  • Fixed: Some small bugs. (Abba)
  • Changed: Knives?! (Abba)
  • Changed: Vit now adds extra HP. (Abba)
  • Changed: Wis & Wil now add extra MP. (Abba)
  • Changed: Gladiator is now fancy? (Abba)
  • Changed: Ninja was nerfed. (Abba)
  • Removed: Swordmaster Class.

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Game updates
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