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 Chaoder's Templates and Icon Wall

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Chaoder's Templates and Icon Wall Empty
PostSubject: Chaoder's Templates and Icon Wall   Chaoder's Templates and Icon Wall I_icon_minitimeWed May 11, 2011 2:37 pm

Here's where I'll post icon samples and templates I use so you guys can draw on them to make your own.

I call it the "Young Man" Template because Bartz isn't old while Galuf is. I didn't make the template but I put it in a format for easy editing. I WILL however have to do a Reina or someone soon for female battle sprites.
HOW TO USE: You COULD save the image. And then open it in your respective image editing program. I find it would probably be easier if you opened your program, right clicked THIS image, went to "copy image", and pasted it in your paint or whatever the hell you might have.
Chaoder's Templates and Icon Wall Ff5temp

And now for the "icon wall." The Kite and Pedobear samples have been removed from this thread. Why? I don't have them anymore. In the unlikely event I try to redo them you'll see them again. Now the icons on this wall. Some are available upon request. Some are only for use between me and my brother. I wouldn't advise requesting yet because NONE OF THEM ARE FINISHED! Not even close! I think like 95% of these are just overworlds. If you graciously stumbled upon this thread, remember to check back every now and then because it is subject to change.
Chaoder's Templates and Icon Wall Iconwall

Thank you for visiting!
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Chaoder's Templates and Icon Wall
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