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 The Seven(?) Wonders of FFL!

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PostSubject: The Seven(?) Wonders of FFL!   Fri Apr 08, 2011 6:04 am

I got this idea from Hal, but it seemed he never posted anything. If he did, sorry. Anyways, me and Glassine went and found 7 wonders. If you have more, feel free to post them!

Wonder 1: The Fiend Room!
A very special room somewhere looks like something thats fiendishly familiar... but what? And who? And where?

Wonder 2: The Roof With No Sky!
The roof in Mysidia Tower of Wishing (think thats the name of it in the FF4 game) has no sky! Whats up with that?!

Wonder 3: The Empty Chocobo Ranch
Someone in Toroia is a horrible rancher. The choco pen has no chocos! That might explain the lack of the chocobo's in the forest to the south of Toroia...

Wonder 4: A Room With a View.
A certain someone in a certain town could be telescoping you, if your in the right position! If not, he's looking at some dumb moon.

Wonder 5: No More Animals?
There used to be frogs and pigs in Silveria! What happened to them all?!

Wonder 6: Cat on a Hot Smith Roof
The special smith has a door to his roof. On the roof... you'll be right on top of his furnace and fireplace! With no chimny! Yowch!

Wonder 7: The Men in the Moon?
We all know about the moons face... but did you know there are two more! They weren't supposed to be faces, but certain mountain and crater structures changed that!
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The Seven(?) Wonders of FFL!
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