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 My near death experience

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Summer Rain

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PostSubject: My near death experience   Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:53 am

Memoirs of Life
A memory I could never forget took place in a matter of minutes, in which I was hit by a car and found myself a new way to live. While getting hit by a car is probably a big event for anyone, the moments to follow grew ever so much more dreadful. One would have to experience this event to have known how much of a negative impact it had on my mental health.
The 7-11 lights were still fresh in my mind as I began my short sprint on the crosswalk. A bag holding a few bottles of Coca Cola had been pressed tightly against my chest and I could hear the flapping of the plastic that was caused by the wind’s resistance. For some reason unknown, my subconscious had told me that running across the street seconds before the light was to turn red had been a good idea. It was only when the blaring headlights flooded my peripherals did I realize the error in my choice.
As I turned my head to see where the lights had been coming from, my body had frozen in that spot. The bag of cola that was previously held in my left arm dropped as the car collided with my right side. I remember it very vaguely, as if a dream. I could hear and feel the bones cracking from the pressure, though not one of the cracks seemed to be a fracture. At this point, my mind had created some sort of similar phenomenon similar to tunnel vision, with my hearing. The only thing I could hear because of this “tunnel hearing” was the sound of the car horn so loud I thought I might go deaf. The upper portion of my body curled over the hood of the yellow jeep wrangler before I was jolted forward by the change of potential energy into kinetic energy.
As my body was moving through the air at around 45 miles per hour, I could see the area around me had become blurred to my vision. I tried to stop myself by moving my feet underneath my torso but I simply couldn’t muster the strength to move any part of my body. It was similar to the falling dreams people have all the time, aside from the fact that I was zooming head first into a street sign. The entire time I had been wondering, “Just who is going to pick up my drinks for me?”
Though it seemed like a dream to me at the time, the pain of the collision into a street sign at full speed causing my neck muscles to contract and release felt all too real. My body hit the ground, the hard concrete smashing into my back and seemingly causing several cuts and scrapes along it. I could feel the searing pain of the cuts on my back and the blood that was slowly oozing out of each one. The taste of blood, surprisingly similar to sea water, was the last thing I remember before my entire world went dark.
The darkness that followed soon after will always remain in my memory, the ever encroaching darkness that brought fear to me for the first time in my entire life. All was silent while I was in this seemingly new world that had been completely empty, aside from me inside. Recalling on this memory now almost seems like I had been inside the scene of a novel and it all felt so surreal. When I tried calling out for help, my voice echoed around me as if surrounded by canyon walls and I had been the only recipient of the vibrations that I, myself, had created.
I woke up to the voices of several emergency response men and women all of whom were discussing my own condition, though I could scarcely tell I was actually injured. It was hard to breathe through the small bag they had placed over my mouth that I had only recognized from T.V. Shows. I turned my head to see the man on my right as to ask him a question, before they forcibly moved my head back into its flat position. In order to see who it was I wanted to ask the question, I then turned my eyes painfully to the side before I even thought of my question.
“Is this heaven? Does that mean I'm dead?”
I remember a warm smile from one of the people who had saved my life, and the relieving words that made their way very slowly to my brain.
“No, you're still alive,” As I tried to look around, I saw that many of the response men and women were working diligently to keep in stable condition.
There was pain in both of my arms as they broke the skin with sterilized needles and injected me with whatever painkillers they had on board the ambulance. As I tried to force myself to stay awake through however drugged I may have been, the faces of everyone on board began to blur into the faces of people I had already met, or what seemed like people I met though it could have very well been a hallucination on my part. I felt drowsy and out of control as I began to fall unconscious once more.
I was completely loopy until they pulled me off of the ambulance and started checking for injuries right there in the hospital lobby. The embarrassment of having my clothes cut off so that I could be searched for injuries in front of various and very attractive women will always haunt me. They searched me physically with their own eyes and found very little more than a few lacerations and burns on my fingers, toes, and ribs. In order to more thoroughly examine the full extent of my injuries I was taken in for an MRI, though it could have been a CT scan, I wasn't old enough to know the difference at the time and therefore I would not be able to tell you which I had been tested in.
It was a large machine, but only my head went inside of it, the loud humming noise made my eardrums ring. The room that contained the machine was small and painted a sky blue color, which made me feel a bit at ease during the scan. After the scan was done, the doctors felt the need to stick more needles into my arms and/or draw blood. I had to wait for a few minutes, only allowed to lie down and stare at the ceiling in order for the doctors to test my blood for whatever reason they felt was necessary. As the doctors stuck the needles in my arm once again, I could hear their mumbled voices; though the words were too incoherent to understand. I felt a hand jerk my right shoulder – at the time had seemed like my only uncut body part — and leading me to another room.
“There’s something for you to wear in that drawer there.”
The man pointed towards a small white cabinet that looked as though it were made recently, from plastic and wood. I had no other choice but to listen to what this man had to say.
Wearing a gown and trousers given to me by the hospital, I walked on my bloodied and aching feet towards the two sets of family I had, the one of my mother and stepfather, and the one of my father and stepmother who had been waiting for the results of my injuries. Before I went back to my families, I went back towards the doctor who had told me where to retrieve my clothes in order to get an answer for my inquiry.
“Who was it that hit me?”
“...Seventeen years old.” Though I'm sure he said more than just the age, the only details I can remember about the driver of the jeep(Of whom I only got a glimpse of.) are the age, the fact that she is female, and that it was her dad's jeep. I remember thinking upon seeing her that I wanted to ask for her number.
I wanted to go towards my father and stepmother, for they were always the more supportive of the families, but I knew that my mother had suicidal tendencies and that if I had chosen to go with my father she might have attempted for the third time that year and so I chose to go with the side of my family that never really felt like one.
On the way home my stepfather, who was always trying to be a good father, bought pizza for me to eat because he thought I might need some food after the whole ordeal. He lent me his phone so I could make a few phone calls to confirm the situation with certain people who may or may not have heard about it. For a moment, I hesitated making any phone calls because I was afraid of the reaction I may be getting to the situation at hand.
The phone rang ever so loudly, causing my ear drum to shake uncontrollably. The voice on the other end was soothing, though it would soon bring me much sorrow. We talked for about five minutes before my girlfriend at the time told me that she no longer wanted to date me. The explanation was that she saw me “more as a brother,” and so she couldn’t stay with me. She went on to tell me that she knew it was a bad time because my cousin had called her and told her that I had been in a car accident. I felt my heart sink lower as she went on to tell me why she couldn't be with me anymore, and as I tried to explain that I was willing to work on it I was hung up on.
It was at this moment that I decided to hang up the phone and make a new phone call. I started to talk with my cousin about what had transpired in the past few hours and that I didn't think I was going to be going to his house the following day as planned.
“How are you feeling?” The sound of my cousin's voice woke me up from a daze that was intensified upon getting broken up with.
“I feel like I was just hit by a car, you know, the usual.” I rushed through the conversation, so the rest of it is really too vague for me to remember; though I remember a bit about how my cousin had decided to pick up my classwork for me since we had gone to the same school at the time.
When I arrived home, I felt as I looked. My body had been beaten and battered, my heart had been crushed, and I had an uneasy feeling about the rest of the night. I decided I would take a few bites out of this pizza that had been bought for me earlier. Compared to the rest of the day, the taste of the warm cheese and pepperoni on my tongue was a joy that could not be explained by any words I could think of at this moment. As I began to head up the stairs that lead to the room at where I would sleep, I took a sip of a Dr. Pepper that I had found in the fridge; it’s cool, revitalizing feeling reminding me that I was still alive. Yes, I was still alive, which is exactly how I wanted to keep it.
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Summer Rain

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PostSubject: Re: My near death experience   Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:56 am

only posted this because there was a discussion in-game about it and I said I'd post it so anyone who wanted to read it, could.
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My near death experience
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