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 Battle of the Bands#2!

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PostSubject: Battle of the Bands#2!   Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:40 pm

The second battle of the bands will happen on April 16th, if you are attending, prepare accordingly and let me know which bands will be in.

Dante wrote:
Geo is hosting a (hopefully) somewhat large scale event, that could include the entirety of FFL, if you all want it! That's right!

The Event will be "Battle Of The Bands." This event will require everyone involved to group together with between 3-5 other players to form a "Band" and compete with songs against other bands. As stated before, Each band will have a minimum of 4 members, with a max of 6. Every player involved will be required to have an action that has a musical instrument in it(though which instrument is entirely up to you!), you can even have multiple instruments to change into during the performance if your band so desires.

The event will be judged not only by me(Because of course, I'm hosting it), or other staff, it will be judged by... That's right! your fellow players. Of course, you'll all be wanting your own team to win, but I expect you'll be fair about judging, and if not, we'll have some staff to judge, preferably.

The event will take place either on friday night, so you have some time to prepare. The final place of the event is Toroia pub(as this is an ideal place to hold an event such as this). During the preparation time, I expect players to build a band, and post their members in this thread so that we know who is partaking in the event.

Each band will then submit to me(Geo) five songs in which they wish to have played while their band is on stage(that is, if you band has no staff member in it).

While I have stated a few rules for this event, the main rule is TO HAVE FUN.
Enjoy the event, that's what it's there for. If you wish to speak with you band members, you can whisper them, or make chatboxes, if you wish to talk to me, I'm usually online during the afternoon-night hours.
If there is any more information about the event, I'll post it here.
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Battle of the Bands#2!
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