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 Animations event

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Summer Rain

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PostSubject: Animations event   Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:33 pm

This will be an on-going event(since I never posted on the forum for it.)
It will take place for the next two and a half weeks, wherein you can use whatever time you have to come up with it.

The event? Make animations.
Yes, you, the players will make icon animations(whether they be in-battle attacks, actions, etc), and present them to the judges.(Myself, Dolph, and Blue[Kerliaja]).

Your task is not only to make animations, but make them good enough to where the judges will appreciate them.

Whoever wins the event will be granted some kind of prize(equivalent to how you were judged).

Rules are:
1. They must fit the 2:1 pixel ratio
2. You must be able to present them to the judges before April 14th
3. You may not make anything suggestive(pornographic, too gory, etc.)
4. and you may not ask for help from the judges.

Anything else I've missed in the rules, I'll post later.
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Animations event
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