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 One very rich paladin

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PostSubject: One very rich paladin   Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:46 pm

Yeah this guy is some dude that just beat mist and he and his partner came across... well... lemme show you.

Tsukaji2 (Tsukaji): We had nice bug. I leveled to lvl 21 and my partner got 1 Mil gil
Stone (Stone82): Where is your engi Val
Goma (Souixan): Oh no you're gonna get banned!
Biskey: Screenshot it.
Goma (Souixan): Lol
Biskey: And send it to me.
Valgris (Valgris): My engi is outside zot
Tsukaji2 (Tsukaji): Biskey: Well, it happened around 5 min ago
Biskey: Well if you got the GOLD
Tidusman (Tidusman): I got..
Tsukaji2 (Tsukaji): But basically I got somethig like -72652 exop
Biskey: You can still screenshot it.
Biskey: And that sounds... what?
Tsukaji2 (Tsukaji): And then it went to lvl 21 after we finished battle
Biskey: That... has anything like that happened to ANYONE here?
Tsukaji2 (Tsukaji): Oh
Biskey: I don't think it has...
Biskey: Anyway...
Valgris (Valgris): Nope nothing like that sounds like a very weird bug <.<
Biskey: If the pally could screenshot it anyway showing me the amount of gold he has, that would help validate the story.
Tidusman (Tidusman): How i can send it to ya?
Biskey: Well you got the screenshot saved and whatnot?
Tidusman (Tidusman): Ya.. i got it..
Biskey: In the social tab, hit send file.
Tidusman (Tidusman): There
Biskey: Um did you send it to ME?
Tidusman (Tidusman): Yep..
Biskey: I don't see it showing up. >.>
Tidusman (Tidusman): Trying again
Biskey: If you tried sending it to my alt, he had transfers blocked. >.>
Biskey: Thanks much
Tidusman (Tidusman): Np
Biskey: HOLY ****.

Tsukaji2 (Tsukaji): Do I need to send screenshot or something?
Tidusman (Tidusman): Yup..
Tidusman (Tidusman): I quess ya believe us now..
Biskey: Nah you should be fine...
Biskey: Also, were there any... specific details as to how it happened?
Tidusman (Tidusman): Yep..
Tidusman (Tidusman): We goed to inn.. at that mist village
Biskey: Okay.
Tidusman (Tidusman): And when we rested we had those
Auron (FieryArcher): I want to make a tidus icon
Biskey: Wait. You got all that from RESTING at the inn?
Tidusman (Tidusman): Yup..
Biskey: Okay... even the levels of the level 21 there?
Tidusman (Tidusman): Yep
Biskey: Holy ****.
Tsukaji2 (Tsukaji): Yes
Tsukaji2 (Tsukaji): Money bug and lvl happened at same time
Biskey: Ummmm... anything else?
Tidusman (Tidusman): Nothing else happened just those
Tidusman (Tidusman): And thats how it goed
Biskey: I see.
Auron (FieryArcher): Tidusman wanna have a tidus icon?
Tidusman (Tidusman): Sure =)
Auron (FieryArcher): Would you use it?
Biskey: I know it's annoying but I gotta ask. YOU'RE SURE IT WAS RESTING AT THE INN ALONE?
Tidusman (Tidusman): Yeah, if i know how to put it.. new here ^^
Tidusman (Tidusman): We goed there as party.. and after both rested up.. those came
Biskey: I'm making sure this gets logged then.
Tidusman (Tidusman): Okies

Yeah I don't even know. Sorry if you knew this already or something.
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Summer Rain

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PostSubject: Re: One very rich paladin   Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:07 pm

ummmm they talked to the snowman in mist would be my guess? lol xD
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PostSubject: Re: One very rich paladin   Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:02 am

Certaintly seems like it, huh? They probably either didnt realize they talked to it, or didn't realize what it did.
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PostSubject: Re: One very rich paladin   Sat Jan 15, 2011 3:36 am

Yeah this is just the snowman in mist. If you talk to it, it either levels you up extremely high, or gives you the 1 mil gold. They just didn't get the facts right xD
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PostSubject: Re: One very rich paladin   

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One very rich paladin
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