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 party bug!

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PostSubject: party bug!   Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:54 am

I know this bug is known, but I thought I'd post a pic up here with my details of what happened, maybe that might help.

Well, me and my party had just beat mombomb, and we all had taken the sandruby, but instead of a black fade, like normal, it was a slow, continous fade, and we heard the inn noise. Suddenly, we had the move after battle bug. I told them to relog as soon as I noticed. According to Cirnech, if you can read it, this has been a bigger problem than usual lately. Also, after refighting, we noticed that we kept our previous exp gain from the boss, but not the item. For example, I didnt gain a level the first time, with the bug, then the second time, I did gain a level.
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party bug!
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