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 Devil May Cry Wishful thinking.

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Summer Rain

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PostSubject: Devil May Cry Wishful thinking.   Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:22 pm

This is just a plot that I've decided to write as wishful thinking for what the new DmC plot should be.

"Young offenders rehabilitation program Subject 644 32b. Psycho-evaluation treatment day 13: Resume. What. Is. Your. Name?" A deep voice that seemed to belong to an older man echoed in the head of a young man with black hair who was currently bound to the ceiling and floor. The young man looked up out of the corner of his eye as his vision blurred between that of the room, and an odd looking creature that could only be described as "A Devil." The delinquent jumped through an alleyway, smashing his hands into the ground below him as he exited.

The teen's next move was to jump into the air, grasping a sword that he had forgotten was in his possession, using it to stab into one of the devils as it reached the air; only when his blade dug in, it had become a spear. The spear was pulled out of the devil's body, brought behind the young man's body where it quickly became the shape of a scythe before making a half circle above the black hair child's body. After he had caused the demise of the few Devils he had been in contact with, the young man bellowed painfully while gripping his head as his vision again blurred to the room he was chained into.

"What. Is. Your. Name?" The deep mysterious voice echoed again in the young man's head as he tried to keep his vision focused on the devils he was confronting. He looked up in the room, towards a one-way-mirror that was on the wall in-front of where he had been chained. "My Name is Dante."

As the young man had spoken his last word; a wall on the east side of the confining room burst into rubble. "Now, if you're supposed to be Dante, what does that make me?" A playful tone chimed in from an older man with silver hair who had just entered from the new hole in the wall. He took a few steps forward, flicking the tail of his red trench coat behind him.
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Devil May Cry Wishful thinking.
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