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 Events and rules.

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Summer Rain

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Events and rules. Empty
PostSubject: Events and rules.   Events and rules. I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 17, 2010 8:34 pm

So, I'm getting tired of explaining the rules to every event whilst remembering them off the top of my head. So I've decided to make a big ol' list here in honour of event weekend (closest weekend to 19th of September.)

Hide and Seek
The idea is simple enough, one person hunts down everyone else hiding in a particular area.
The rules aren't as simple:
1. No leaving the designated area. This has to be announced at the start of the round, Baron and Toroia are normally the best places to do this.
2. You have to visible. You're allowed to hide behind things aslong as some part of you is visible, image provided.
Events and rules. Ru76mp
3. No team work.

Scavenger Hunt
This isn't as simple as Hide and Seek. It also requires setting up by a Dev.
What happens is there are several NPCs hidden around the world/area (The choice is up to the staff member hosting), each tell the player 2 things. The location of the next NPC and part of a hidden message. Normally this hidden message is part of an anagram. The winner is the first person to find the staff member who was hosting (normally directed to by the last NPC) and tell them the solved anagram.
1. No team work.
2. No guessing unless you have found the staff member.
3. It's not a good idea to try and skip NPCs.


Alot more simple. Everyone starts off in the same place, normally level 1 in baron without equipment, the races starts and they have to get from place A to place B faster than anyone else, partying is allowed but to make it more challenging, it's recommended that only the party leaders get a prize. I've found it's more fun when using only the normal classes but ++ classes work fine too.
1. There are pretty much no rules in this. Unless ofcourse staff want to add extra rules ones that mean the players have it more difficult.

Yeah there are PVP events and stuff but they're really all that necessary when covering seeing as they're so different. So I covered pretty much the main event types.

Before replying, ask yourself "What would Andrew do?"
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Summer Rain

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Events and rules. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Events and rules.   Events and rules. I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 18, 2010 9:24 am

Thanks for posting this Andrew. I have a few questions though. 1. Why didn't you think of posting this sooner? and 2. Can you change into somethign like a pillar in a room that has pillars or something like that?
btw, I don't mean any offense by my first question.
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Summer Rain

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Events and rules. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Events and rules.   Events and rules. I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 12, 2011 4:22 am

Word Association
You say a word that is associated to the one said by the previous player.
1. You have to use real objects.
2. The order is determined by the Chatters list.
3. You can't use the starting word.
4. If there's more than 4 players words can't be repeated.
5. You have to come up with a word in less than 30 seconds.
6. If the word used is iffy, a valid explanation must be given as to why it connects
7. Talk in parenthesis.
8. If someone drops out or loses the next person starts with a new word.
9. Words have to be appropriate.

Murder Mystery
Someone is a murderer and everyone else has to find out who it is.
1. You can't say you are the murderer.
2. You can only use Say/Emote.
3. Only whispers to and from are the host are allowed.
4. Dead people have to say how they died if someone searches them.
5. You have to be at least partly visible at all times.
6. The murderer can kill only 1 person per attack.
7. No teleporting.
8. OOC has to be in parenthesis or brackets.
9. You can use weapons for the "kill" your icon can wield.
10. No changing icons during the event.

Guess the Word
1. The person who starts it says one letter at a time until someone guesses what word the person is spelling out.
2. You can guess as many times as you want, if you guess right before it peels it out, you get 1 point.
3. The word must be spelt right.
4. One player can ask for the word to get scrambled which makes the word worth 5 points.
5. The one who guessed right does the next word.
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Events and rules. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Events and rules.   Events and rules. I_icon_minitime

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Events and rules.
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