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 So like, Seraph and Typo make fun of dead people k?

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PostSubject: So like, Seraph and Typo make fun of dead people k?   Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:24 pm

You have joined chatbox "Heavy Metal > Rap and Emo >=D".
Not Duck: Sorry you might have your signs messed up
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): getting away with murder was ok
Not Duck: Rap>Metal and Emo
Not Duck: :3
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Duck
(Mage567) Mage567 no
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): quiet wigger
James (ProtoMan893): Country>rap.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): ^ That
Mage567 (Mage567): NO
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): eww.....country is just.....now
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): *no
Mage567 (Mage567): is the best
Typo (Enjierurosuto): That's the point James is making
James (ProtoMan893): I can stand 1 minute of country
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): gag, vomit, stab self in face.....
Not Duck: Actually
Not Duck: I am not a wigger
Typo (Enjierurosuto): You're just a rap ass kisser.
Not Duck: I don't wear my pants below my waist
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): i know
Not Duck: I don't wear gay ass oversized clothing
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): it's just my general response to those comments
Not Duck: I don't wear chains all over
James (ProtoMan893): I can't stand 30 seconds of some white guy sayin "*****" and "****" pretending they're lyrics.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Something wrong with chains?
Mage567 (Mage567): lol
Mage567 (Mage567): yh thats annooying
Not Duck: Well then you listen to some weird rap sir
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Eminem, nuff said... >_>
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): that's why rap is talentless.....you don't have to be goin on about bitches and hoes to make a good song
Not Duck: Excuse me
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I can stand that guy for a little while
Not Duck: Eminem is good
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Just not very long
James (ProtoMan893): Exactly Seraph.
Not Duck: He doesn't just yell **** ****
Not Duck: Okay seraph
Typo (Enjierurosuto): He does
Not Duck: Then I'll straight up say
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): Eminem is ok despite my taste in music .....for one reason......it's almost like standup comedy....in the form of a song
Not Duck: Heavy metal takes no talent
Mage567 (Mage567): well he pretty much does that
Typo (Enjierurosuto): But he also makes some sense
Mage567 (Mage567): yep
Mage567 (Mage567): tenacious d
Mage567 (Mage567): is pwnage
Not Duck: I can slam sticks on a drum anyday
more talent than any other genre out there
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): no......tenacious D is almost as bad as rap
Mage567 (Mage567): its a good laugh + awesome lyrics
James (ProtoMan893): D and B can make good rap because it
Mage567 (Mage567): .........
James (ProtoMan893): 's hilarious to listen to.
James (ProtoMan893): bleh
Mage567 (Mage567): go listen to tribute
James (ProtoMan893): Awesome typing on my behalf.
Mage567 (Mage567): or explsivo
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): you can actually define heavy metal.....so could do it some can't.....any retard and their mom can rap
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): *some
Not Duck: Oh really?
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Theres some Metal which is just bleh.
Not Duck: I bet you any money you could not make a half decent rap
Typo (Enjierurosuto): And then theres the proper metal
Mage567 (Mage567): lincon park has exceptional rap
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): that stupid ass song about a laffy taffy or some ****......yeah thats the fucking pinacle of talent behind rap
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Linkin Park does not rap.
Mage567 (Mage567): does last resort count as rap?
Mage567 (Mage567): yh
Mage567 (Mage567): they do rock rap
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Nu Metal.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Hard Rock
Mage567 (Mage567): its rockn roll and rap
Typo (Enjierurosuto): NO rap involved.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Rock and Roll. No.
Mage567 (Mage567): um
Not Duck: Nu metal is this **** genre
James (ProtoMan893): Guns n Roses.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): Linking Park and Korn are both nu metal and they can kinda get away with a slightly rappish sound at times because at the end of the day it's still pretty heavy
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I listen to Link Park on a regular basis.
Mage567 (Mage567): i do too
Mage567 (Mage567): crawlin
Kyle has joined the chatbox.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Linkin*
Typo (Enjierurosuto): And they are one of my favourite bands.
Kyle has left the chatbox.
Mage567 (Mage567): got no sense of confidence im convinced its just too much pressure to take
James (ProtoMan893): Linkin Park is too generic.
Mage567 (Mage567): well
Typo (Enjierurosuto): But nowadays it's just.. not the same :L
Mage567 (Mage567): its shortened
James (ProtoMan893): And most of his songs are bassically "my life sucks".
Typo (Enjierurosuto): His?
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Dude..
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Band.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Not one guy..
James (ProtoMan893): bleh.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): >_>
Not Duck: Heres the thing, I'd love to see someone here who says Rap is "easy" make a rap, Get a good beat, and video it
Not Duck: Put it on youtube
Not Duck: Then I'll believe you
James (ProtoMan893): Duane and Brando.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Do the same with Heavy Metal then sir
Mage567 (Mage567): okay
Mage567 (Mage567): nope
Mage567 (Mage567): it sucks too much to otry
Not Duck: Let me get 3 other band fags and then I'll gladly do it
Mage567 (Mage567): not worht it
Typo (Enjierurosuto): It's much harder to make good Metal than it is to Rap.
Mage567 (Mage567): YOU MOTHERFUCKER
Not Duck: Not
Mage567 (Mage567): GTFO OFF THIS CHAT *******
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Fags?
Not Duck: Hahahaha
Mage567 (Mage567): im in a school band *******
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Seriously. Fags?
Not Duck: Cry me a river
Mage567 (Mage567): i should shoot you
Not Duck: LOL!
Typo (Enjierurosuto): That's the best you've got?
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Mage.
Not Duck: School band is gay
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Please be quiet.
Mage567 (Mage567): YOUR MOM GAY
Not Duck: i bet she is
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Seriosuly now, shush.
Mage567 (Mage567): no mu band goes accros states
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): ok......it could come down to this......
Not Duck: Oh damn
James (ProtoMan893): Rap in a nutshell: **** MAN *****! YOU *****!
Not Duck: So does all highschool bands
Typo (Enjierurosuto): James hit the nail on the head
Mage567 (Mage567): its a middle school band
Not Duck: Metal in a nutshell: I HATE MY LIFE
Mage567 (Mage567): yeo
Mage567 (Mage567): yep*
Typo (Enjierurosuto): No
Mage567 (Mage567): not
Typo (Enjierurosuto): That's Emo.
Mage567 (Mage567): although
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Not Metal
James (ProtoMan893): I'm not defending Metal.
Not Duck: Middle school band, that makes you even stupider
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Lrn2listentometal, retard.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): white music vs black music.......rap falls into the secondary category.....that's why metal wins....i mean come on, who wouldn't wanna play for a winning team?
Mage567 (Mage567): listen to last resort duck
Mage567 (Mage567): thats some badass metal right there
James (ProtoMan893): Try Guns n Roses.
Mage567 (Mage567): just dont try to figure the words out lmao
James (ProtoMan893): Better than any half assed rapper.
Mage567 (Mage567): yep
Typo (Enjierurosuto): 3 Inches of Blood - Deadly Sinners.
Not Duck: im sorry I don't like listening to my headphones blare in my ears
Mage567 (Mage567): crawling-linkon park
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): that's why you have a volume button
Not Duck: With all this nonsensicle banging and slamming
James (ProtoMan893): Linkin Park in a nutshell: My life suuuuuuuuucks.....
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Not really
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): ironicly.....your arguement sounds like previous generation logic
Mage567 (Mage567): thats badass metal right there
Typo (Enjierurosuto): If you want Emo, listen to Murderdolls.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): like.....the kinda **** our parents might be argueing
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Well it's Horror Punk
Not Duck: Hey, Who gives a damn? I don't enjoy going deaf
Mage567 (Mage567): james
Mage567 (Mage567): thats papa roach in a nutshell
Mage567 (Mage567): xD
Not Duck: I enjoy music where I can understand the lyrics
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I go deaf listening to Rap
Mage567 (Mage567): not that emo
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Metal sends me to sleep
Not Duck: Lol
Mage567 (Mage567): lol ikr
Not Duck: You have problems son
Mage567 (Mage567): i calm iwth metal
Typo (Enjierurosuto): No, I don't
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): because you're not putting upa decent arguement....you're stereotyping nothing more.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I have insomnia.
Mage567 (Mage567): metal makes me calm
Not Duck: Let me guess, Let me guess, You all love metallica
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Not really.
James (ProtoMan893): nope.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): ironicly, no.
Mage567 (Mage567): although the song i listen to that ccalms me is called getting away with murder
Mage567 (Mage567): no
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Iron Maiden ish good.
Mage567 (Mage567): WE LOVE BLACK SABATH *****
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): i don't do old school music like those hippies who live in mommy and daddys generation like it's still the fucking 80's
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Ozzy Osbourne :3
James (ProtoMan893): I don't listen to metal.
Mage567 (Mage567): hell yes
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): kids these days need to keep up with the times
Not Duck: Lol thats nice
James (ProtoMan893): Disney music beats all.
Mage567 (Mage567): seraph ozzy osborne is still famous
Mage567 (Mage567): MEH NO
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): alot of people are still famous
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Ozzy is awesome
Not Duck: oh so I have to do what you want me to and listen to some **** right?
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): doesn't mean their not dinosaurs in the music industry
Mage567 (Mage567): why should we give a damn
Not Duck: I gotta listen to Korn?
Typo (Enjierurosuto): You want ****, just stick on some rap.
Mage567 (Mage567): anyone know what song that from
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Hmm
Not Duck: Ozzy Osbourne=Fail
Not Duck: :3c
Mage567 (Mage567): your life fails
Not Duck: Not really
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): 50 cent fails >_>
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Ozzy is awesome.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Don't hate on him
Not Duck: I don't listen to 50 cent
James (ProtoMan893): Akon fails.
Not Duck: I hate Akon as well
Typo (Enjierurosuto): If he was Fail, he wouldn't be as popular as he was right now, would he?
Mage567 (Mage567): something underneath is pulling at the surface
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Fail moar, Duck. Fail moar.
Mage567 (Mage567): consuming......confusing
Mage567 (Mage567): linkon park
James (ProtoMan893): Typo
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Right now, I'm busy listening to SoaD
Not Duck: Hes only popular cause of **** heads like you guys
Not Duck: Lawl
Not Duck: SoaD sucks as welll
Typo (Enjierurosuto): LOL **** heads.
James (ProtoMan893): think of everything that's fail that is popular.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): rappers fail in general....this sums up rap music "i talk to a beat and pretend it's music and make rediculous amounts of money off retarded kids"
Mage567 (Mage567): say that to my face irl
Not Duck: I will
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Duck, stfu you troll and go back to your fail ass life with your ***** of a mother
Not Duck: Your probably a *****
Mage567 (Mage567): yep\
Mage567 (Mage567): although
Mage567 (Mage567): CJ Dippa is decent lmao
Not Duck: K, Lemme clear this, I don't have a mom, I ain't a fucking troll, and you probably suck **** as well
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Now if you don't mind, stop hating on Metal. It's done nothing wrong, and it's just a difference in an opinion.
Mage567 (Mage567): he actually has a sense of rythm
Not Duck: suck *****
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): musical preference isn't even the point now. duck just needs something to argue about.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I'm not gay like you, Duck.
James (ProtoMan893): Don't go down to personal insults.
James (ProtoMan893): It's his...OPINION...
Not Duck: oh right, Im gay with the girlfriend I've had for 2 years
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Duck. Cry to mommy. Oh wait, you don't have one, do you?
Typo (Enjierurosuto): My bad.
James (ProtoMan893): and we are just trying to defend our OPINION.
Not Duck: Oh hey
Mage567 (Mage567): somewhere be unhappiness and sadness
Mage567 (Mage567): i need to calculate
Mage567 (Mage567): what creates my O`maddness
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I'm sick of Duck's bullshit.
Mage567 (Mage567): thats badass right there
Typo (Enjierurosuto): He joins this chatbox and instantly starts causing problems.
Not Duck: Lol my bullshit
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Yes, your bullshit, retard.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): You talk utter bullshit.
James (ProtoMan893): Well the chatbox is kind of centered around Duck.
Gau has joined the chatbox.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): who isn't? you make a simple comment on something and it's "oh hell nawww nigga *confrontational rage*".
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Heavy Metal < Classic Rock.
Mage567 (Mage567): meh
Gau (DarkThePhantom): End of argument.
Mage567 (Mage567): sometimes
James (ProtoMan893): Go die.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): You first. Very Happy
Szenkar has joined the chatbox.
James (ProtoMan893): I'm already dead.
Mage567 (Mage567): it ends when duck goes off a cliff ^.^
Szenkar (Szenkar): HURF DURF
Typo (Enjierurosuto): That'd be funny, Mage.
Not Duck: Lol yeah
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): Gau, it's dead man.
Mage567 (Mage567): goess off rapping badly
Not Duck: You know what else would be funny
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): it's "classic" for a reason.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Watching you hold a grenade without the pin in.
Not Duck: If you all fucking burned in hell for being little pussies who wouldn't say **** to my face
Mage567 (Mage567): you die from rap?
Typo (Enjierurosuto): That's funny, Duck
Not Duck: Your all little talk you faggots
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Classic rock is definitely better than any heavy metal. :/
Gau (DarkThePhantom): New or old.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): give it another 10 years or so and metallica will be "classic" rock.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I would say **** to your face duck.
Szenkar (Szenkar): hey, you're a ****. shut up.
Mage567 (Mage567): i actually would
Not Duck: I wanna see it happen now you cunts do some **** right now
Typo (Enjierurosuto): You're in America right?
Gau (DarkThePhantom): You're all fucking retards though.
Mage567 (Mage567): someone said they can see my cussing in front of god
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Gau. Shush.
Not Duck: Do it you fucking flaming trolls, You can go blow your mother fucking parents for all I care
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): i'm just kinda here actually.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): so it doesn't matter what you say on the internet.
Mage567 (Mage567): its like if you cant say it in heaven dont say it here
Not Duck: Don't tell him to fucking shush
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Duck. Answer my fucking question.
Not Duck: Why don't you shut your fucking mouth *****
Mage567 (Mage567): i said i could say it in heaven and someone said yes i could lol
Typo (Enjierurosuto): You're in America right?
Not Duck: Yeah I fucking do
Not Duck: What the fucks it matter
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Because you said you want me to come say **** to your face
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I fucking well would and all.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): AND kick your face in.
Not Duck: "Oh shhit man Ima come to yo house and be a pedo"
James (ProtoMan893): You know trying to swear in every sentance makes you sound like a 10 year old.
Not Duck: I'd love to see that
Gau (DarkThePhantom): You're both ****-talking on the internet.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): duck, don't join up in the conversation that you basicly started RIGHT arter i log in....and call someone a troll. it'/s all you do lately
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): *after FML typos
Not Duck: Seraph gtfo legacy
Szenkar (Szenkar): lololol. the fact that you'd even consider doing something like that at all says a lot about you
Not Duck: Nobody hear likes you
Gau (DarkThePhantom): That's what I call "Nerd Rage" Very Happy
Not Duck: here*
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Duck, you, you *******.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): no you*
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Amirite? of course I am.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): Duck, gtfo with your mommy issues and your wannabe gangster music bullshit.
Not Duck: Haha
Not Duck: What a fucking ****
Not Duck: What a ****
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Duck.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): I have an idea.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Stop trying so hard.
Szenkar (Szenkar): you have no reason to harass someone over dead family members
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Let's change the name of this chatbox.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): you say nooone likes me well you and Naru riding each other are about the only ones who qualify as "not likeing me"
James (ProtoMan893): I fuckin swear every 2 fuckin words, am I fuckin cool?
Gau (DarkThePhantom): to "Let's be a **** to everyone."
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Very Happy
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Gau
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Fail. You were supposed to put "troll" instead of "****"
Gau (DarkThePhantom): this seems less like an outlet to show your appreciation of music
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Razz
Typo (Enjierurosuto): It was originally, Gau
Gau (DarkThePhantom): and a show of how big your epeen is.
Mage567 (Mage567): we just wanted to talk about good bands
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): that's why in-person confrontations are the best. even if a fight breaks out you can shut someone up one way or another in person.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Then duck showed up
Mage567 (Mage567): and duck ruined it
Gau (DarkThePhantom): This is the internet.
Mage567 (Mage567): he called us band fags
Naru has joined the chatbox.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): oh lawd, here it comes.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): face-to-face meetings are a myth on the internet.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): even chat boxes arn't safe now.
Mage567 (Mage567): naru ............
Naru (Naruuu): yes I love emos as much as you do Seraph~
Mage567 (Mage567): you want to see?
Typo (Enjierurosuto): 10 says Duck PM'd her to come here.
Mage567 (Mage567): this madness
Naru (Naruuu): no he didn't pm
James (ProtoMan893): What Typo said.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): $10 says I want $10.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I am alarmed.
Naru (Naruuu): csay
Not Duck: :3
Gau (DarkThePhantom): So give me my damn $10.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): Naru, don't come in trolling the ducks rage
Mage567 (Mage567): T.T
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Same thing really.
Not Duck: 10 bucks please?
Gau (DarkThePhantom): No really.
Mage567 (Mage567): no duckk
Naru (Naruuu): I don't beileve I was trolling
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Duck, honestly, just gtfo >_>
Not Duck: Seraph you should take your ***** ass of Legacy
Gau (DarkThePhantom): My $10 isn't making itself.
Not Duck: Typo you could follow as well
Mage567 (Mage567): no you faggot
Gau (DarkThePhantom): fork it over.
Not Duck: Mage go **** yourself
Not Duck: K? K
Naru (Naruuu): I have come to watch~
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I'm not the trolling one here.
Mage567 (Mage567): naru
Not Duck: Right mage
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Everyone's trolling.
Not Duck: so you should leave bruh
Gau (DarkThePhantom): some are just better at it.
Mage567 (Mage567): **** off ***
Not Duck: ^-^
Not Duck: im sorry
Szenkar (Szenkar): How long have you been here, Mage? 2 days?
Not Duck: I don't recall being gay
Naru (Naruuu): what? I'm being cussed at?
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Duck go cry to your fucking mommy, WAIT. She's dead. Is your dad to? Are you a fucking ORPHAN?
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): Duck, you know you and naru are the ONLY ones who ever really ***** and moan about me? Why don't you take YOUR whiney ass off legacy? go play some **** like FFAW
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Typo, that was a **** statement.
Not Duck: actually
Szenkar (Szenkar): you'd be surprised Sad
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I know
Not Duck: Im sure if everyone saw this
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I intended it to.
Not Duck: On the forums
Not Duck: You'd be hated so much
Not Duck: IN FACT
Gau (DarkThePhantom): You should punch yourself for that one.
Not Duck: logged
Typo (Enjierurosuto): No thanks.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Lol who gives a **** duck
Kyle has joined the chatbox.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): oh shnap now i gotta pretend to care.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): You've been trolling just as much.
Kuraude has joined the chatbox.
Not Duck: You should
Not Duck: :3
Gau (DarkThePhantom): No but really.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): i don't.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): **** statements are okay, but there is a line.
Mage567 (Mage567): if alba or another staff emeber lgoged in
Naru (Naruuu): o.o
Naru (Naruuu): haha
Typo (Enjierurosuto): And Duck crossed it quite a while ago
Mage567 (Mage567): this chat box would go to thell
Gau (DarkThePhantom): If I say "You're a moron" that's a **** statement.
Mage567 (Mage567): no.,....
Not Duck: Im not making fun of the dead am I?
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): after all, i wasn't the one who started bullshit just because i logged in. you turned this into a big deal then try to make everyone else look bad. sounds like you cant handle being at fault for anything.
Mage567 (Mage567): calling us all fuckers
Not Duck: Your faggot asses are
Gau (DarkThePhantom): If I say "I'm taking all your booze" That crosses the line.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I'm only increasing the intensity of the "**** statement"
Mage567 (Mage567): is crossing the line
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Actually, it's my "faggot ass" as you put it
Not Duck: Right
Not Duck: Your faggot ass
Not Duck: Correct
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Not them
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Mage.
Mage567 (Mage567): id cuss him out worse
Mage567 (Mage567): irl
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Stop showing your epeen, this is a sausage fest.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): :/
Mage567 (Mage567): xD
Szenkar (Szenkar): None of you would do anything in real life and you all know it, so shut up
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I would though >_>
Naru (Naruuu): hmm I haven't really said anything isn't that something?
Gau (DarkThePhantom): I wouldn't.
Szenkar (Szenkar): There's no reason to talk big on the Internet
Szenkar (Szenkar): Grow up
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I'm being serious though. I would.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): that's a lot of fuckin' gas money just to fight someone.
Mage567 (Mage567): actually
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): yeah, but people do it anyways. Szen, that's like trying to fix stupid, you can't do it.
Mage567 (Mage567): id say the exact same things if i met duck irl
Mage567 (Mage567): or worse
Gau (DarkThePhantom): if you wanna spend that much money just to fight, you must be rich.
Szenkar (Szenkar): this chatbox is very PROOF of that, Seraph
Gau (DarkThePhantom): or an idiot.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): or a rich idiot.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Well I wouldn't do that.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): one of the three.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Because I have better things to spend my money on
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Than a fight.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): Yeah, the idea was to take a situation that was inevitably going to get out of hand, and chatbox it.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): If I was rich I'd travel the world to fight people.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): that'd be cool.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): That some petulant child started
Szenkar (Szenkar): Gau, you're Russel Crowe!
Gau (DarkThePhantom): I know, right?!
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): Gladiator?
Mage567 (Mage567): this was just a pllace to talk about good metal bands that own rap
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Or more specifically, Metal Bands.
James (ProtoMan893): was
Szenkar (Szenkar): cool story bro, but music is all a matter of opinions
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): was being the key word.
Mage567 (Mage567): yes was
Mage567 (Mage567): it WAS a place like taht till duck joined
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Well, I had come here hoping to thrash some newstyle metal with my oldschool classics.
Mage567 (Mage567): it was a good 2 minutes!
Szenkar (Szenkar): So I'm pretty sure chatboxes have a kick/ban feature for the chatbox creator, why didn't you use it?
James (ProtoMan893): Duck was being pretty rational at first.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): At first.
Not Duck: Cause seraphs an idiot
Gau (DarkThePhantom): -I- for one
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Duck
Typo (Enjierurosuto): You started it.
Not Duck: :3c
Typo (Enjierurosuto): >.>
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): dude, you realize i havn't even said much this entire time?
James (ProtoMan893): Yes, but then you idiots just started throwing out personal insults.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): would like to see everyone put away their epeens and stfu for a moment to cooldown.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Actually James
Typo (Enjierurosuto): That was all me.
Not Duck: Yeah
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): you're the one raging and im just kicking back laughing at your ass.
James (ProtoMan893): Then everyone else.
Not Duck: you know insulting the dead
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Yeah/
Not Duck: like a ***** :3c
Szenkar (Szenkar): yeah, insulting dead people is pretty ****.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): I'm insulting everyone.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): That's not personal.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): it's indiscriminate.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Because I really couldn't care les whether your mother was dead or alive.
Not Duck: Thats chill
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Totally not a game reference.
Not Duck: and I could really care less if you burned in hell
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): no, someone else did that. i merely said you should take your mommy issues somewhere else. if i cracked a joke directly at your moms expense. that'd be different.
Szenkar (Szenkar): That's good, obviously you expect the same sort of empathy from other people you know
Mage567 (Mage567): duck JOIN THE NEW CHATBOX
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Boys, boys.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): epeens away, hands in the air.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Like I did, Seraph.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): yeah
Not Duck: aha no
Not Duck: Its already logged bro
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): i didn't do that though, Typo, yet I'M the bad guy.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I've just been watching too much YGOTAS.
Not Duck: Chillllll
Gau (DarkThePhantom): I want to hypothetically see oyur hands.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): your*
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I know.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): See rationality went out the window, this is all anti-seraph rage.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): And Duck, I really don't care >_>
Mage567 (Mage567): guys join the chat box imma make its FOR GOOD ROCK BANDS NO RAP
Mage567 has left the chatbox.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Just make sure
Typo (Enjierurosuto): You get it ALL.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Every last word
Not Duck: I did :3
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Hey quick.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): And don't edit it.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): Nobody join his chatbox.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): make him feel unloved.
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): lol
Typo (Enjierurosuto): I would join it
Typo (Enjierurosuto): But I'm kinda interested here
Seraph (Seraph The Undying): same.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): I wanna see if he comes back.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Tiredness 1, Grammar 0.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): x_x
Mage567 has joined the chatbox.
Mage567 (Mage567): join my chatbox
James (ProtoMan893): No.
(Enjierurosuto) Typo is finally calm
Mage567 (Mage567): its for disscussion
Kyle has left the chatbox.
Mage567 (Mage567): james
Gau (DarkThePhantom): we're being lazy.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Mage.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): It's too much effort
Mage567 (Mage567): ima ban duck if he gets on it
Typo (Enjierurosuto): To click the X.
Mage567 (Mage567): so it wont be like the other onne
Typo (Enjierurosuto): And other such links
Mage567 has left the chatbox.
Gau (DarkThePhantom): I think the idea is dying anyways.
Mage567 has joined the chatbox.
Mage567 (Mage567): seraph
Gau (DarkThePhantom): wait fooorr iit.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Waiting for everything to die here, first.
Mage567 (Mage567): use the option to ban duck from this chatbox
Typo (Enjierurosuto): Then the center of the conversation will just.. DISSAPPEAR.
Typo (Enjierurosuto): And I'd rather not talk about someone behind there back
Gau (DarkThePhantom): And then you can go back to the old one.
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PostSubject: Re: So like, Seraph and Typo make fun of dead people k?   Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:37 pm

Anyone else think that Mage567 is a hypocrite? And an idiot? :3c
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PostSubject: Re: So like, Seraph and Typo make fun of dead people k?   Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:08 am

I assume no staff was on at that time?

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PostSubject: Re: So like, Seraph and Typo make fun of dead people k?   Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:26 pm

Fighting in there defense, It was chatboxed and I guess as Fsay was Chatbox is free game. Just thought people should see this sickening sight.
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PostSubject: Re: So like, Seraph and Typo make fun of dead people k?   Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:29 pm

Right, I didn't see it was in a chatbox

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PostSubject: Re: So like, Seraph and Typo make fun of dead people k?   Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:30 pm

truly this was all a chatbox. so truly it hard to say what should be done about that Nielz sent that free say/talk.
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PostSubject: Re: So like, Seraph and Typo make fun of dead people k?   Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:34 pm

Anything goes in a chatbox, they aren't even logged (except when people log them themselves, as is the case here, haha)

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PostSubject: Re: So like, Seraph and Typo make fun of dead people k?   Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:40 pm

I just thought it was pretty sickening, And I also thought that FFL's forums deserved to see what Seraph likes to do in his free time
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PostSubject: Re: So like, Seraph and Typo make fun of dead people k?   

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So like, Seraph and Typo make fun of dead people k?
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