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 Re-Balance Gladiator

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Dew Drop

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PostSubject: Re-Balance Gladiator   Sun Aug 08, 2010 9:49 pm

I understand that Gladiators shouldn't have a lot of strength seeing how they get good HP and have slash but why is their strength so low? I mean a paladin at the same level with the same weapon has more strength than a Gladiator (Around level 70 at least) and they also have good HP plus white magic. I have not looked at Monks but are they not the same? They have good strength AND they have build-up + Kick. Slash isn't very useful when 3 or more enemies are on screen and with super low strength without Berserk and slash it takes long to kill even one mob of monsters.
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Summer Rain

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PostSubject: Re: Re-Balance Gladiator   Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:09 am

I agree completely. I unfortunately deleted my gladiator out of "Ugh, I'll never beat the game like this!" angst shortly after the rebalance, but since then I've begun helping to gether some data to possibly assist in tweaking the balance.

Now that I'm basically done with ancient callers (and believe me do I have a long report to write about them!) I was hoping to move on to the incredibly underpowered next, Gladiator being at the top of my list.

If you want to help, since it will be some time before I can get to the moon, myself, you can provide screenshots with the following data if you still have a gladiator:

- Status menu
- Physical attack damage on a typical enemy
- Slash Damage on 1-3 enemies
- Damage received.

My suggestions for fixes, only one fix from the below list will suffice. Howerver, I will say, put berserk back in Madrush. It's just, well, think about it. Berserk. Mad Rush. Seems pretty silly for Madrush to be purely defensive! That and with their current strength, berserk is basically neeeded to hit normal damage.

1) Give them a decent strength back, since slash takes longer than normal attacks, anyways. It's true that slash was doing less damage than paladin normal attacks when I played my gladiator briefly.

2) Add regen to madrush, to add some serious tanking ability, so the low damage is justified. They'll be slow but outlast bosses. Perhaps even add cover to make them a genuine tanking class.

3) Branch "Slash" out into some sort of swordplay skill list with attacks worth using with the lower strength. Perhaps ailment inducing (Blinding by aiming for the eyes, slowing by aiming for the legs) or perhaps more damaging than slash presently is.
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Re-Balance Gladiator
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