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 Relic/PvP Gear.

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Dew Drop

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PostSubject: Relic/PvP Gear.   Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:29 am

Special sets of gear could be made for each class, with PvP in mind...Depending on how you wanted to do it. Based on the rebalence, the gear could either weaken or boost stats. Also another good idea is, people tend to complain about certian skills/spells being used in PvP, it could be coded so that as long as the PvP gear is equipped, said spells/skills would be 'greyed out' and unuseable in battles kinda like they are in the out of battle menus.

Auto kill moves would consist of:
Death, Petrify, and so on and so forth. However, "Bomb" would have to be looked at, seeing as a player could easily max out their HP to 9999, then use the Bomb summon for an instant win. Currently, Black Knights are able to do this.

The basic idea for each set being semi-different for each class came from the 'relic gear' concept from FFXI. However, they could always be two generic sets; one for melee and one for mage. Another interesting idea for this gear, would be to go out and obtain it, whether it be going through long dungeons, fighting specific bosses, or having a shop keeper sell it after a certain amount of time has been placed on your character, anything really, to make it a lot more fun.

I just thought it could be more fun if there was something more to collecting a set of PvP gear then just buying a basic set off an NPC.

An example would be: Creating a little arena on the moon where players could re-fight archimus (or any other boss that would usually require more than one person) and have a chance to win "Relic Gear" (PvP gear) or something of that nature.

Relic Gear:
Shield(If class uses one)

Weapon: Millennium Horn
Head: Bard's Roundlet.
Robe: Bard's Justaucorps
Glove/Ring: Bard's Cape

Weapon: Claustrum
Head: Sorcerer's Petasos
Robe: Sorcerer's Coat
Glove/Ring: Sorcerer's Gloves

Weapon: Mythic Harp
Head: Etoile Tiara
Robe: Etoile Casaque
Glove/Ring: Etoile Bangles

Dark Knight
Weapon: Apocalypse
Head: Abyss Burgeonet
Armor: Abyss Cuirass
Glove: Abyss Gauntlets

Weapon: Gungnir
Head: Wyrm Armet
Armor: Wtrm Mail
Glove: Wyrm Finger Gauntlets

Weapon: Kikoku
Weapon: Rogetsu
Head: Koga Hatsuburi
Robe/Armor: Koga Chainmail
Glove: Koga Tekko

White Knight
Weapon: Valhalla
Shield: Valor Shield
Head: Valor Coronet
Armor: Valor Armor
Glove: Valor Gauntlets

Weapon: Save the Queen
Shield: Gallant Shield
Head: Gallant Helm
Armor: Gallant Armor
Glove: Gallant Gauntlets

Weapon: Kukulcan's Whip
Head: Evoker's Horn
Robe: Evoker's Doublet
Gloves: Evoker's Bracers

Just a few examples...
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Small Stream

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PostSubject: Re: Relic/PvP Gear.   Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:05 pm

I like the main idea you have, but some of the stuff you said doesn't sound good.
Disabeling any spell in-battle because of an item will absolutly *not* make me want to wear my pvp gear.

I'd like to see the gear instead increase certain stats for the wearers class. Will for White Mage, Wisdom for Blackmage, etc etc. The defense of the aromr should only help in PvP and not in PvE. No status effects should be on the PvP set.
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Relic/PvP Gear.
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