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 Class Balance, Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Class Balance, Chapter 1   Sun May 30, 2010 8:33 pm

So, having added most of the missing combat mechanics, I finally decided to get started on the rebalancing. It'll be a lengthy project, and I won't be able to release often, since any early-game rebalancing will screw up the whole rest of the game. Still, I'm convinced that this is the only way to get some true balance into FFL.

The classes:

Dark Knight:
The Dark Knight is a purely physical class. Its strength isn't matched by any of the other classes, but it only has Attack and Dark Wave at its disposal, where Dark Wave eats up its own HP. This class can be used as damage dealer and physical tank, but it is not capable of buffing, healing or tanking magical damage.

This is a mix of a DK and a healer. The Paladin has decent physical strength, a limited set of healing spells, and physical as well as magical defense that make for a good tank. It is capable of dealing with a lot of damage, making it a good solo class. Its only weakness is that it is slow at inflicting damage and it does not have the better buffs available.

White Mage:
Despite the name, this class is not a pure healer. The White Mage can deliver decent physical damage, similar to the paladin. However, it is less good at tanking physical damage, even though its magical defense is slightly better. Its low total HP count and powerful buffs make the WM a good mixed fighter/buffer.

White Twin:
The WT is the game's true healer. She has the highest will count and the full white magic list at her disposal. She has no physical power, thus she can't deal damage through attack or tank damage. For the purpose of dealing damage she has a few twin spells which become stronger when used with another twin. Overall, she's a pure healer and buffer with the ability to deal magical damage.

Black Twin:
The BT is the game's true black mage. Like the WT, it lacks in physical power, but it has powerful spells that no target can resist. The BT is most useful in a party, where other party members can fulfill tasks it lacks, such as healing or tanking.

The Sage is a less physical-based red mage. It masters black and white(though not nearly as well as the BT or WT) and it has a good HP count to make up for its lack of physical defense. It excels at tanking magic and can be used for both offensive and defensive roles. It has a little higher wisdom than will.

Like the Sage, the Lunarian both uses white and black magic. However, the lunarian retains an additional buff(Spirit Wave), and is physically weaker. In return, the Lunarian has a high will count which makes it an excellent healer and buffer.

Young Caller:
The young caller is a pure glass cannon. It is the weakest physical class, but at the same time it controles White, Black and Summoning magic. Its white magic enables it to fill in a support position, while its Black and Summoning magic's damage is only outmatched by the Black Twin. However, its low HP count also make it very fragile.

Mature Caller:
It is similar to the YC, but it is physically stronger. It can inflict some damage with its Whip, and it can take physical hits better than the twins. It also has a wisdom score a little higher than the Young Caller, but it lacks any white magic.

The Dragoon is a purely physical based class, with emphasis on defense. It has decent HP, high agility, and a skill that will make it invulnerable for a short amount of time. It can hit for as much as the DK, but it also takes a little longer to do so(consider invulnerability). Unlike the DK, it has an acceptable magical defense.

The ninja is an agility based class. Its defense is based on dodging, thus it has rather low vitality. It has decent strength and acceptable wisdom, which it uses to support its limited spell set. It can take physical hits well, but its magical defense is less than decent.

The monk is a physical class with good defense. Its defense is both based on dodging and raw defense. It has decent HP and can inflict a good amount of damage, although not as much as the Dragoon or DK.

The Bard is a buffer who happens to be decent at about any other skill, yet excels at none. It can tank damage, inflict damage, heal, and buff his teammates, but with a few exceptions, he's not as good at it as the specialized classes.

The Engineer is a true damage class. He has very low agility and uses slow, but powerful, physical blows to take down his enemies. He can inflict more damage at once than even the black twin, but he's a lot slower. He's relatively fragile, although his high HP partially make up for that.
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PostSubject: Re: Class Balance, Chapter 1   Mon May 31, 2010 9:31 am

Good luck with this, FFL has been needing a big rebalance for years

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Class Balance, Chapter 1
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