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 FFL, the next chapter (Rules and misc. list)

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Summer Rain

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PostSubject: FFL, the next chapter (Rules and misc. list)   Wed May 26, 2010 11:57 am

The rules for FFL RP are listed below. More will be added later if main thread clutter becomes an issue.

1. No god modding... it is likely impossible anyways. But this means you do not control any character other than your own, particularly no other person's on this forum. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in 1 warning, if continued then 1 taste of your own medicine, and if attempted a third time, blocking and removal from the RP.

No flaming, I will not tolerate this in my RP, nor
will the mods on their boards. If it is consented upon by both parties,
and done in RP format, fine. But no racism, racial slurs, or hurtful
words of any sort with the sole intent of hurting another in some way
shape or form.

3. Keep it clean as possible: By
this I simply mean do not make obscene posts. No one wants to hear about
you having sex, or stare on as someone can't speak a single word that
isn't punctuated by swearing. If you MUST MUST MUST "get it on" in this
RP.... (And I hope not...) Then take it to a private messaging system of
sorts, I don't wanna know.

4. Any battles that cannot be
decided upon here will be done via FFL.
This is simply
complimentary to the no god modding rule to make it nigh on impossible.
NO ONE IS GOD and as such if you can't decide on a clear winner, you
will PvP in FFL, I shall either personally referee or send a third party
(Likely a moderator) to observe and decide upon a winner. I know some
classes can't fight others, and I'm sorry for this, but I see no other
way to keep God-modding from occurring without having to put up with a
long debate on why someone shouldn't be doing this or that...

Your character will have an assigned job of your choosing.

There are all kinds of exceptions to this rule and the only real reason
for it is PvP again. Try to make it make SOME sense... If you have a guy
who is great with explosives, wields a giant hammer, and knows
everything about technology, but call him a young caller, I will
personally chew you out. Now this is not to say you can't have whatever
you want on your class, or even a hybrid job. But 1 needs to be chosen
that makes sense, just so it can be defined BEFORE a PvP match has to be
set up.

while I recommend it for you fighters out there, you don't need to at
all, ever. I will never require it. Some people wanna just play support
roles and stuff, that's okay, in fact that's great! I don't want this to
be fully PvP centered. The only reason I added the rule was to keep out

7. Literacy matters. I know we all
didn't make A+ in English, and that's just fine, typos can happen, and
will happen. But there is a slight limit...
D00D I R L1K3 1337 H4X
None of this^ known as "leet", or text speak. I can
understand if someone slips up and puts "u" instead of "you", we all
text I'm sure... But avoid it if possible. You want others to be able to
read your posts right? Nothing is more frustrating than trying to
decode a post that even the FBI would have trouble cracking...

I know these rules are demanding a bit, so I must remind you to
have fun too ^_^;
This is supposed to be about fun, being
that epic ninja who can disappear at will, or that mage who can blow
through concrete. It's all up to your imagination, just... have fun. I
will not likely disapprove anything you create, unless you are all
powerful, and again, this is kept in check via PvP rules.

other than this there are no rules, apart from anything covered by the
forum rules and ToS. I really hated typing those rules out... and I'd
like to think i'm pretty lenient with them, but it won't be easy for
anyone if you break them.

Last edited by Reina on Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:14 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Added god modding description.... apparently it's needed....)
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Summer Rain

Posts : 54
Join date : 2010-05-13
Age : 27
Location : Georgia/alabama border

PostSubject: Re: FFL, the next chapter (Rules and misc. list)   Fri May 28, 2010 5:34 pm


Name: Azzarartow Canica
Player (Your name on this forum): Azzaratow
age: 19
Character gender: Male
Race: Human
Picture: cbf sorry
class on FFL: Magic Knight (equipped with bow)

from a young age endured extensive training in the forrest of Agart
the legendary Magic Knight Jahseer. He was one of three pupils and
the most gifted of the three at casting magic onto his blade. But
Azz could deal the most damage if a slash was to hit, he was
when it came to landing these hits in his melee training
and often got teased by the other students for his terrible
and at the fact he struggled even to lift his claymore.
unbeknown to
his master this teasing infuriated him and he strove to
become an
extremely skilled archer instead and started secretively
with a bow a night.
One day he argued with his master
over why
he couldnt just cast magic onto an arrow instead. His Master
was furious and curse at him for such recluss talk,
him with banishment if he were ever to bring up such
Even after the warning, Azz was still determined and

believed his master to be too proud of his teachings of the sword to
the potential of other weapons. He continued to train till..
The day he believed he had surpassed the Master himself.. The
it all happened.. It was pooring down rain on that day. Jahseer was
with the two other pupils by a lit campfire distracted by the
of the storm he didnt notice the mass of Ogres that
had emerged
from the trees. Azz had successfully completed a mission

had given him to slay a giant Raven which he had succesfully done with
bow and a single arrow and was heading back to camp when he spotted
ambush. Knowing this was the perfect opportunity to show his master
archer skill he drew an arrow from his quiver and
casted the
powerful spell he knew and used all the magic power he had into
the arrow. The most energy he'd ever used.. he was going to show

his master what a real magic knight can do and he knocked the arrow
the string of his bow and draw back took a short in hale focused and
He heard his master yell stop! but it was too late.. He had
the Arrow at amazing speed and it struck one of the ogres in
back, Moteors fell from the sky destroying everything! Hitting
in the area and not seizing its horrendious rath till
inclueding Azz was either dead or Close to it. Final it
stopped and
Azz watched through a blurred bloody face the havek the
spell had
left. Everything was dead exept he and his master only the
breaths of his master could be heard and he crawled to be by his
His masters last words were "I'm sorry Azzarartow..i was weak..
me.. you will master your powers.. and... live.."


Name: Kai Astris

(Your name on this forum): Kai Astris
Character age: 18
gender: Male
Race: Human
Job class on FFL: Ninja

Written on the stone of prophecy
“there is someone alone in this world, that shell bestow great
to the lands cursed with plague, he shell find a companion
and rid
the final fantasy legacy world of the plague, this is the child
prophecy that shell be bestowed the surname of Astris” there was a
individual of each generation that was bestowed the knowledge of
ninja way called “Astris’’, these chosen have been searching the
for this child “the child of prophecy”.

Kai wasn’t liked by many people
did he like anyone except a lady at the orphanage that was kind and
care of him, her name was Cerra. This was a wandering orphanage
through towns to find parents for each child, one day on their
they were attacked by a faction from a rebel army, As they were
slashed down one at a time, Hassor the soul wonderer of the Astris

clan saw this happening and went to protect the remaining people from
faction, by the time Hassor got there Cerra was protecting Kai as
was being attacked Hassor took down the attackers with a few fierce

Kai stared up at him with
eyes of complete solitude, “what is your name
boy” Hassor asked as
Kai was whimpering “my.... my name is Kai” “did
you care for this
lady?” “Yes.... i cared for Ce.... Cerra” “Would you
like to protect
people that are precious to you and others?” as Hassor
asked this
Kai looked at him, stopped crying and asked “would you help
me bury
these people?” “And what about the murderer’s?” “They are human
well and deserve to be buried....” Hassor and Kai had finally
burying everyone Hassor asked again “would you like to protect
Kai cut in and said”what do i have to do?” “You will become my

pupil and wander with me until you are ready to wander the world by

years had passed Kai is now 15 he had been training
vigorously for
the last 7 years learning psychic ninja techniques that
are bestowed
to the members of the Astris clan, after Kai’s training had
come to
its completion Hassor showed Kai the stone of prophecy and said

“Kai i believe this is you, you have adapted the skills at an amazing
and show potential to change the world” Kai was stunned and asked
makes me different from you?” “i have mastered my skills yet you
you still need to master them but yet you are superior in many
not only that but the day i met you your eyes showed me solitude,
by the way you speak to others can change their hearts” Kai
in his master and set out by himself to help the world....



Player: Wyde
Character age:
Race: Human
available, surprise surprise)
Job class on FFL: Black
(played out like a Mature Black Twin)
During Eoin's childhood, the most remarkable moments of this Mysidia

resident's life involved hearing about the legendary exploits of
Cecil, a revered hero of many years ago.

The story of a Dark Knight battling first on
of Baron's wrath, then redemption, then to rescue the world from
clutches of oblivion, was a tale that planted a dormant seed in
being: a seed that would one day sprout into the desire to embark

on his own inspired heroics.

For a long time, however, the
wizard was absorbed in study and village sensibilities, with
regard for everything outside that sphere of concern. Even the
of plague-bearers did little to capture his imagination; he saw
as little more than a leakage in the Serpent's Road, and a drain on
his hobby of hunting what few monstrosities were suicidal enough to
even glimpse the Town of Prayers. Even after the Plague was lifted,
Baron's sudden mindless push to recruit mages into their military ranks
served to keep Eoin's mood sour.

Eventually, his myriad of minor
frustrations amounted to a simple plan; The world wished to involve
with the affairs of Mysidia, so perhaps he should return the
in kind. It would only benefit him to learn the causes of
that nuisanced his beloved home, and there was no doubt in his
that he had grown strong enough to vanquish any that sought to
his just journey. Renewing his hand-wash of sand and soil, as a
blessing of the earth itself, he sets off into the Devil's Road
a half-willing servant of Baron. A stepping stone, as he would
it, in his own goals of quelling the disturbance the world
against his unhindered existence in Mysidia.

And perhaps
though he may deny it, to simply fulfill his latent fantasies of
on many an adventure, inspired by his childhood idol of long


Player: CursedZero
Character age: 15
Race: Kitsune (Fox)
Picture: (No picture)
on FFL: Thief (Ninja)

A silver fox, 4'8'',

small but strong, wears black pants, a black jacket, and a black
to hide his ears, and uses his tail as a belt.
Carries a knife

pouch, a short sword, and a grapling hook. When using his sword, he
his blade in reverse, the hilt up and the blade down his arm.
is cheerful, perserverant, childish at times, and stubborn. Loves to
outside and stare at the stars and moon.

was an orphan fox at the young age of 9 months, both his parents died.
much that he can remember, as a young fox, he was found and raised by
a very gental family of three humans. At the beginning, he'd run around
the house and play with the two children chasing him. At night, he
try and stay on two feet like the humans, because he wanted to be
the humans he was staying with. At the age of 2, he would always be
on two feet, which was supprising to the family, especially to the
but the children seemed to be happy. He'd then learn some words,

like mother, brother, and sister, which he would then call his family
so. Later at the age of 5, Urran went to school with his older
and sister, in a small, rural town. It wasn't easy at first,
different from the normal kids, but his older brother was always
to defend him. He was a crybaby at times, but still was cheerful
perserverant. Between the age of 7-12, he learned by the most
warriors of the village how to wield a short sword, and
throwing rocks at a target. At the age of 13, one fateful
night, the
town was raided. Urran woke up once he had smelled smoke in
house, he rushed to his equipment, and woke up the others, and told
to evacuate. Outside the house, there was a horrifing sight that
him. The town was ablaze, the town guards were being killed, and

the people were being slaughtered. In a blinding rage, he rushed to the
enemy. Later that night, with most of the goblins dead, and all the
killed, Urran fainted with all the wounds he had received.
that he was dead, the goblins continued their search for
When Urran woke up, he was being transported in a waggon to
city of Baron by some soliders that had been to investigate the
that came from the forest. He over-heard the guards talking,
what he was, about bringing him to the King, that he'll know
to do with him. Urran quickly escapes once that the guards busy
to civilians. After 2 years, at the age of 15, Urran stayed in
making money by stealing from people here and there, and selling
he doesn't need, but always wanted to leave this town...


Player (Your name on this forum):Terra
Race (Not everyone is human... I'm
not O.o) humman

Picture: (Not required)
Job class on FFL:mature
white mage
description, flavor text, etc...: Maria is a
skilled archer from
fabul, her parents wanted her to become a monk, but
she didnt not
have the skills for fist fighting, Maria ran from home
giving up
hope, when traveled on a ship heading towards baron to avoid
shame of her lack of skills, leviathan attacked the ship and she
in a bed with the elder of myssidia watching over her, the elder
talent in her, her archery skills increased rapidly and her white
skills are still in development, she now currently wishes to climb

mt ordeals to gain more power. Maria is loyal to her companions, will
leave a friend behind, even if it means death and she fears the
of becoming corrupt.


Name: Alba
Player: CIB
Character age: 24
Character gender:
Race Human

Job class on FFL: Paladin

## This
character is a tribute to the character Miko from OOTS and retains a
lot of her properties ##
Alba was born into an aristocrat family in
Eblan whose pride she inherited without questions.

Due to this,
when she expressed her wish to serve for her nation as a warrior at the
age of eight, her parents were able to afford her a training in the ways
of a Monk at Fabul. By this means, she not only strengthened her body
and will, but also her belief in her gods, which enabled her to unlock
divine powers within herself.

While she took pride in this, when
she returned, even the most conservative aristocrats began to be annoyed
by her strict view of life, and her tendency to lose contact to reality
to a degree of lunacy.

While she still was convinced of the
concepts of honesty and reason, she put her belief of the gods, and thus
the destruction of anything she considered "evil", in front of anything
else. Despite this her fierce combat skills and strong will made her
one of the most respected warriors of Eblan, and, mostly due to the
increasing menace of hostile creatures, she was assigned a key position
in Eblan's military hierarchy.

Since this respect towards her was
only one that arised out of need, Alba was often sent on dangerous
missions far off Eblan. And thus, when Eblan's ally, Fabul, was in
danger, Alba was sent back to the town where she had received her
initial training. She was quite indifferent of this - As long as she
could serve her honor and gods, she was content.


Name: KC
Player (Your name on this forum): Fatalfox
Character age:
Character Sara
gender: female
Race Windian
Picture: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif
class on FFL: White Mage

Sara is a High Sage from Winlan a
country far north of Fabul in the mountains the Windian race is said to
have descended from birds and consist of mostly mages. Sara is a sweet
caring person who always wants to help others the best she can caring
for others lives before hers. As a High Sage she has black and white
magic but unlike other Sages the black and white magic are not weakened
both are full power. she was sent to Mysida after the Queen of Essence
the imperial city in Winlan sent her to find out about the rapid growth
of monsters in the countries far south before they reached Winlan.
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PostSubject: Re: FFL, the next chapter (Rules and misc. list)   Sun May 30, 2010 12:28 am

I've drawn up a map that may be useful for the action going on in Fabul.

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Summer Rain

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PostSubject: Re: FFL, the next chapter (Rules and misc. list)   Sun May 30, 2010 12:32 am

That seems about accurate, note there are also small roads and alleyways, but otherwise this seems about what I pictured, thanks for putting it up.
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PostSubject: Re: FFL, the next chapter (Rules and misc. list)   Sun May 30, 2010 12:43 am

I'll be putting in the other roads as we go, I just don't think we need that detail yet.
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Summer Rain

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PostSubject: Re: FFL, the next chapter (Rules and misc. list)   Sun May 30, 2010 11:45 am

No you're right we don't, I was just stating the obvious. :p
Beware tired people like me ranting on lol.
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Small Stream

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PostSubject: Re: FFL, the next chapter (Rules and misc. list)   Sun May 30, 2010 4:51 pm


This is Essence the imperial city of Winlan

Last edited by Fatalfox on Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:35 am; edited 2 times in total
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Summer Rain

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PostSubject: Re: FFL, the next chapter (Rules and misc. list)   Sun May 30, 2010 4:53 pm

And where is that located on the world map?
Because, to be honest, I would prefer we didn't make up places that don't exist in FFIV unless we have to...
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PostSubject: Re: FFL, the next chapter (Rules and misc. list)   

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FFL, the next chapter (Rules and misc. list)
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