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 FAQ & Rules

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PostSubject: FAQ & Rules   FAQ & Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 22, 2009 7:42 pm


Q: When I connect, it says "PRESS CENTER". What does "center" mean?
A: "Center" is the BYOND term for the middle key of your numberpad, which is '5'. To make the game respond to numberpad key 5, you'll need to disable NumLock by pressing the Num Lock key above the 7 key.

Q: What are the controls for the game?
A: Disable num-lock and use the following number keys: 9 opens the main menu, 7 closes a menu or takes an item after battle, 1 releases a yellow chocobo or lands your airship, and 5 is the 'action' key.

Q: How do I save?
A: Open the menu by pressing 9 on the the numpad, move your cursor hand to "Save" with your arrow keys / D-pad and press 5 on the numpad to confirm your choice.

Q: How can I join some one's party?
A: If you look in the Info window, you will see there is a [Party] tab. While standing next to and facing to the person who's party you would like to join, click the "join party" command in the [Party] tab.
Sometimes it will tell you that the party is locked, and you cannot join the party. In this case, you will have to ask that person to unlock his party, using the "unlock party" command in the [Party] tab. Another - perhaps easier - method is to stand in front of some one and pressing 5 on your numberpad. (num-lock must be OFF for this method to work!)

Q: What do all of the different "says" stand for?
Say is the normal chat; it send a message to all players within your sight.
W-Say stands for "World Say"; this sends a message to all players that are logged in.
C-Say stands for "Clan Say"; if you are in a clan, this sends a message to all of your online clan members.
F-Say stands for "Free Say"; this channel is barely moderated and swear words are not censored. It is disabled by default.
P-Say stands for "Party Say"; this sends a message to all of your party members.

The abbreviations of the different "Emotes" are the same as those of the Says.

Q: Can I face another direction without moving?
A: Yes, you easily can do this by holding Ctrl while pressing an arrow key.

Q: How do I take off with or land my airship?
A: To take off, you need to stand on your airship and then press center/numpad 5. To land your airship, press southwest/numpad 1. Numlock must be disabled.

Q: What are the quicklinks?
A: Quicklinks are links that are created in chat. Here is a short list of them. To make them work you put the [search type]:[Search Criteria] and if it's listed as multiword, you close it with an extra : Wikipedia & Etc...
Wiki:[Search Criteria]:
FFWiki:[Search Criteria]:

Google and Googe images...
Google:[Serach Criteria]:
GoogImg:[Search Criteria]:

In game...
Who:[Player Key]

Define:[Single word]
eBay:[Search Criteria]:
Amazon:[Search Criteria]:
Youtube:[Search Criteria]:


  1. Do not attempt to crash the game (sanction: IP-ban)
  2. Do not advertise other games (sanction: IP-ban)
  3. Do not post URLs to websites with pornographic content (sanction: troll, mute)
  4. Do not post URLs to websites with extremely gory content (sanction: troll, mute)
  5. Do not make racist comments (sanction: troll, mute)
  6. Do not harass other players (sanction: troll, mute)
  7. Do not humiliate other players (sanction: troll, mute)
  8. Do not tell smith locations, secrets or anything of the sort. (sanction: mute)
  9. Do not start highly controvertial topics in wsay (saction: troll, mute)
  10. Do not start trouble in general (sanction: troll, mute)
  11. Do not mute-/ban-evade (sanction: IP-ban and deletion of save file)
  12. Do not speak in capital letters for an excessive amount of lines/text. (sanction: mute)
  13. Do not insult/curse at game staff (sanction: troll, mute)
  14. Do not complain about lag, it is irritating. (sanction: mute)
  15. Do not mislead other players. (sanction: depends on severity)
  16. Do not talk other players in to breaking any of the above rules (sanction: ban)

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FAQ & Rules
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