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 Check out this noob.

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PostSubject: Check out this noob.   Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:39 pm

* Bobbyblanket has entered Final Fantasy Legacy.
* Welcome to Final Fantasy Legacy (6.5) Bobbyblanket!
Bobbyblanket: Hi
Bobbyblanket: Can i use two keys
Momoshiro: Hello
( Flick11110): Hi
( Bobbyblanket): Hello
Dkola: Es you can multi Bobby
Bobbyblanket: Cool
Dkola: *Yes
Bobbyblanket: Thank you
( Flick11110): Can i join you
Momoshiro: Laggy
Dkola: No problem if you need more answers don't hasitate to ask
( Bobbyblanket): How?
( Bobbyblanket): Oh i see okay
( Flick11110): Join me
( Flick11110): Go to party
* Billyblows has entered Final Fantasy Legacy.
Billyblows: These look cool.
( Flick11110): Join me
* You joined with Flick11110 to fight against the evils!
* Billyblows has joined the party.
( Flick11110): Where to first
( Bobbyblanket): I need weapons?
Dkola: Engineers
( Flick11110): Press 5 on numpad
( Billyblows): I got them lol
( Flick11110): Tell me when your done
Billyblows: How do i equip things
( Flick11110): Press 9 on numpad
Bobbyblanket: Oh i see
( Flick11110): Tell me when ready
( Bobbyblanket): Ready
( Flick11110): What about you billy
Dkola: You know it?
( Billyblows): We are the same person.
Bobbyblanket: Wsa flick is helping me
( Flick11110): Oh lol
( Bobbyblanket): Lol
Bobbyblanket: He is nice.
Dkola: Ok that is good
Bobbyblanket: Cool we're fighting a bird lol
Rise: Reminds me of Suikoden 2
Dkola: Stay focused that you need to heal
Rise: Well, and the first game
Flick11110: I love suikoden!
Billyblows: What does bomb do? i just hurt this bird with it
Dkola: Bomb is your skill
Rise: Lock party, fast XD
Momoshiro: Monk fight bare hand?
Dkola: Yep until next town
Flick11110: You get weapons
Flick11110: They are like claws and stuff
Rise: Though, elemental claws can be useful for bosses
Rise: It's really just a money drain
Dkola: Bomb has different moves that are element based and at some lvls you get a new attack
Bobbyblanket: Claws can i use them
Justice1: Sadly no
Bobbyblanket: I see
Rise: Your best bet is to save up for the claws that boost stats later on
Bobbyblanket: Okay
Justice1: You use hammers
Bobbyblanket: Oh that is a hammer lol
Dkola: You can also do it to hit multiply monsters
Flick11110: Do i learn anything??
( Bobbyblanket): I thought it was a kitchen club lol
Justice1: Nope
Dkola: Nope your Dark Wave is the only skill
Justice1: But darkwave gets better
Bobbyblanket: I thought it was a kitchen club lol
Dkola: Nope
Dkola: It says Hammer
Bobbyblanket: Darkwave sounds scary
Billyblows: Like all creepy lol
Dkola: It is Dark energy and it hits your hp also
Bobbyblanket: Ow who wants to use that
Bobbyblanket: That sounds dumb
Flick11110: I used to have i high lvl monk on this game but someone wiped me
Dkola: It is good to kill monsters quick
Bobbyblanket: Okay
Dkola: How long ago Flick
Flick11110: A year or so
Dkola: Yep there was a wipe back then
Flick11110: I was in the machine place
Dkola: Giant?
Flick11110: Yeah
Dkola: Around 50 - 70 I think thne
Nielz: The Giant wasn't in this game a year ago
Bobbyblanket: Giant?
* Momoshiro has left Final Fantasy Legacy.
Flick11110: What is the empty slot for?
Soul Blaze: He means the Giant of babel
Dkola: Ask Nielz he knows everything :p
Dkola: He owns everyone and anyone
Nielz: Tower of Babil, rather
Dkola: Yeah ok
Dkola: Tower not Giant
Bobbyblanket: Ok cool
Bobbyblanket: Gross im fighting a slug
* Kyouge has entered Final Fantasy Legacy.
Bobbyblanket: Ugly lol
( Flick11110): Dam i forgot to only use fire on zombies
* Anna has entered Final Fantasy Legacy.
Billyblows: Oh cool this hits two guys at one time
Bobbyblanket: Bombs are cool.
* Retna has entered Final Fantasy Legacy.
Bobbyblanket: What is peep do that sound creepy lol
Bobbyblanket: Im creepy old guy
Rise: Lol
Dkola: T shows you the info from the monster
Rise: And noodz
Bobbyblanket: Gross

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PostSubject: Re: Check out this noob.   Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:43 pm

Justice1: Lol dont scare the new players OO
Bobbyblanket: Hey this thing makes my first letter big
* Kyouge nearly blew him self up in a boss fight
Rise: ,,,,,,,
Bobbyblanket: Why did you use commas a bunch is that a cool thing we all do
Bobbyblanket: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
* Flick11110 has left Final Fantasy Legacy.
* Flick11110 has left the party.
Bobbyblanket: Lol fun
Rise: No, that was a mis-send
Rise: And i meant to type ......
Bobbyblanket: Oh to bad
Rise: Party chat and whatnot
* Flick11110 has entered Final Fantasy Legacy.
Bobbyblanket: My other guy left me
Bobbyblanket: Oh there he is lol
Rise: He's back now
* You left the party.
* You joined with Flick11110 to fight against the evils!
Flick11110: Wtf i just logged out
Rise: The blue lightning hath returned
* Billyblows has joined the party.
Bobbyblanket: This game is so cool
Justice1: Yup it is =)
Bobbyblanket: I like it more than runescape
Bobbyblanket: Runescape is so cool too have you played runescape
Rise: Lol, it's a lot better than runescape for sure
Flick11110: I play rs too
Anna: I had friends who plpayed it then quit
Bobbyblanket: Oh cool
* Lord Chocokahn has entered Final Fantasy Legacy.
Flick11110: What are yall usernames on rs
Lord Chocokahn: Runescape?
Bobbyblanket: El bisko is one
Flick11110: Yeah
Anna: I dont like rs
Lord Chocokahn: My little brother plays that game....
Lord Chocokahn: It's...pretty stupid. lol
Bobbyblanket: I have tons of runescape guys but im working on that one
Lord Chocokahn: Just shell out $15 a month for WoW, it's not that bad.
Justice1: Lol
Rise: Or play RO on a private server
Justice1: Pso ftw
Rise: Or pretty much any other game lol
Lord Chocokahn: fa sho fa sho
Justice1: But thats not byond XD
Lord Chocokahn: Or just play this.
Lord Chocokahn: It's better.
Bobbyblanket: Lol wow is dumb
Lord Chocokahn: FFL > WoW
Bobbyblanket: Wow is for dumb guys
Lord Chocokahn: No, it's just too complicated for all the little RS players to figure out.
Bobbyblanket: And runescape doesnt suck its the best
Rise: That's a profound, insightful statement
Bobbyblanket: R u making fun of me
Bobbyblanket: Dont be mean
Lord Chocokahn: Also, I'm pretty sure you were trying to call me a "dumb guy" with that statement.
Lord Chocokahn: But you phailed.
Lord Chocokahn: Because I'm actually a girl.
Bobbyblanket: Oh youre a girl
Flick11110: =O
Bobbyblanket: Wow
Justice1: Come on now guys hes only a new player
Justice1: =)
Lord Chocokahn: Dude, he's like 10.
Bobbyblanket: I'm so new it isn't even funny.
Lord Chocokahn: Lucas squared.
Lord Chocokahn: Did you just come out of the womb?
Lord Chocokahn: Is that how new you are?
Rise: Lmfao
Lord Chocokahn: Anyway, work calls. I'll be back later.
Bobbyblanket: Stop youre hurting my feelings
Bobbyblanket: Im sad now
Rise: We're just joking around
Lord Chocokahn: rofl
Bobbyblanket: Oh okay im happy again
Rise: But i mean, you are making us laugh hard
Justice1: Yay
Lord Chocokahn: Seriously, how old are you?
Bobbyblanket: 18
Lord Chocokahn: If you say any...
Lord Chocokahn: ...thing more than 10, I'm gonna pee on myself laughing.
Rise: He's legal, folks!
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Posts : 135
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Age : 27
Location : Minnesota, USA

PostSubject: Re: Check out this noob.   Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:43 pm

* Retna has left Final Fantasy Legacy.
Lord Chocokahn: Good, then I don't feel so bad.
Lord Chocokahn: He's only 3 years under me.
Lord Chocokahn: anyway byee~
* Lord Chocokahn has left Final Fantasy Legacy.
Bobbyblanket: Bye person
Justice1: XD
Bobbyblanket: Hey why was her name red i want a red name
Bobbyblanket: Can i get a red name
Soul Blaze: A gm or mod or sometihng
Rise: Because she was an mod
Bobbyblanket: Oh
Justice1: You need to be a gm
Justice1: She was host
Bobbyblanket: It is easy to get mod?
Justice1: And head gm
Anna: Um like no
Justice1: Nope
Bobbyblanket: Can i be a mod if i ask
Flick11110: Oh really
Rise: No, i'm pretty sure the staff is full
Bobbyblanket: That would be cool
Justice1: They have enough mods atm
Bobbyblanket: I would make a good mod though
Justice1: So they will say no
Halkel: All right, they got the After years Sprites for Holy Kain, Improvment mode Activated
Bobbyblanket: Hi halkel can i be mod
Justice1: Lol
Anna: Lmao
Soul Blaze: One of the rules is you dont ask for mod or gm]
Halkel: Hey Bobby, Can you STFU
Justice1: =O
Bobbyblanket: I am sorry
Justice1: Hal hes a noob
Bobbyblanket: Why do people be mean to me?
Halkel: I know, that's why i said it =P
Justice1: XD
Justice1: Dont scare the noobs away
Bobbyblanket: That isnt nice being mean to noobs like me
Rise: Because you're a kid, a noob, and it's the internet
Halkel: Try living my life
Justice1: Great i cant stop laughing now XD
Halkel: I'm 20 and picked on by the whole world
Anna: Noob + internet = well ya know
Dkola: Don't be rude to the kid
Rise: Don't breath
Bobbyblanket: Lol I can't ake this anymore.
Anna: I get yelled at all the time
Justice1: No dont go
Bobbyblanket: I'm laughing too damn hard. XD
Flick11110: Cant we all just get along
Justice1: XD
Halkel: NOW, Back to improving my Holy Dragoon Icon
Anna: Flick thats a no
Justice1: Come on bobby calm down =P
Rise: Yeah, we just got trolled
Bobbyblanket: Hi guys. You may know me as bobbyblanket, billyblows, biskey, biskey the mad mod, etc.
( Flick11110): Get the treasure
Justice1: This is torture to watch XD
Halkel: Lol Biskey
Bobbyblanket: I couldn't take it anymore man.
Justice1: Lmao he told me earlier it was him
Rise: It was hilarious
Rise: Perfect annoying noob impression
Justice1: And i couldnt stop laughing at you all treating him like a noob
( Flick11110): Why didnt you guys buy cures???
Halkel: I got fooled by Watch Out, Biskey's about
Bobbyblanket: I thought I could get away with it until AFTER mist dragon but you were making me laugh too hard.
Justice1: Oh good now he is making me cry of laughter thanks alot biscuit XD
Halkel: It's Biskuit
Halkel: Not Biscuit
Rise: To be fair
Philip Jean Renoit the Third: terraaaa
Rise: I noticed Dkola giving a newbie the time of day, so i immediately guessed it was you
Justice2: I call biskey biscuit because i eat biscuits =)
Justice1: Merrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith <3
* Philip Jean Renoit the Third giffs terra butterfly kisses
( Flick11110): Did all geyt
* Justice1 hugs merrith
Philip Jean Renoit the Third: i think i saw a tv show with a character with the last name biskey
Halkel: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/3/31/HDKainPortrait.png http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/6/62/HDKainBattle.png <--- Took long enough
Bobbyblanket: Dkola didn't even know till about after halfway through.
Philip Jean Renoit the Third: i either woke up and heard it or was asleep
Dkola: What, I am not being rude to people Rise like you are a jerk
( Flick11110): This is bad
Rise: :3
Rise: Yeah, because i'm so rude to everyone, and never help people
Justice1: Rise wasnt as bad
Bobbyblanket: I threw out really small hints no one would get too.
Justice1: Lol i guesed it when he asked me XD
Bobbyblanket: Like my char on runescape was el bisko and that I was 18 and I also said something like I'm so noob it isn't even funny.
Rise: It's not like this is my only character not devoted to helping new players or anything
Justice1: Lol i noticed that
Justice1: I was shocked no one called you biskey XD
Bobbyblanket: Smae here.
Bobbyblanket: Same here*
Flick11110: Edge11110 is my rs user
Bobbyblanket: Sorry, flick but I haven't played runescape in a long time.
Bobbyblanket: It was a joke.
Justice1: That was an epic noob act
Rise: You should have said maplestory
Justice1: You should try cloud fanboy
Bobbyblanket: Gotta be one of my better ones.
Bobbyblanket: Oh god cloud fanboy.
Bobbyblanket: Man I would do great at that.
Justice1: Cloud pwns evryone
Justice1: XD
Justice1: Not
Justice1: Cloud ftw
Bobbyblanket: This game is almost as good as CLOUD!!!!!!!1111
Justice1: XD
Rise: But hjis so cool wit his sword n he killed sephiroth lik 5 times
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PostSubject: Re: Check out this noob.   Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:24 pm

rofl nise
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PostSubject: Re: Check out this noob.   Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:24 am

I got trolled until the first post Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Check out this noob.   

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Check out this noob.
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